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Registration date: 6th Jan 2017
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About me
I have a discord! It's Xovi#3159, if you wanna chat or whatever! If I ever get any kind of social media, I'll update accordingly!

Hello to the readers, and I hope you enjoy what I'm bringing to the table.

Xovi's comics
There are many forms of luxury that man can manage. For some, it's the first thought of the word; the typical silken linens and the wine, the expensive hunting dogs and the mounds of disposable servants. For others, it's the place or time of day; a man's luxury could involve the midday heat on the docks, fishing with a son or brother. And yet still, for some, it is the honor of the role or contribution of their hands; a seafarer's luxury could be the toiling of the waters, the rush of blood as they temper the storm and their conquering of the oceans.

This last instance was quite true for our fellow man, a marine by the name of Brody Tellack. However, do not be fooled here, reader; the past tense is vital to this telling...

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