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Registration date: 18th Aug 2012
Last seen: 22nd Jan 2017, 10:10 PM
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Location: knoxville tennessee
About me
love art and comics....WOOO

defo18's comics
Mag Isa: Destiny
After losing a friend to police brutality Montrel Brian is loosing touch with humanity. With his mother missing and his father dead he has become ditached with the world and a evil aura has started to consume him. That is until one day two angels appear before him and tell him he is a Nephilim, a product of a union between a fallen angel and a human man.

Will Montrel follow the sinister footsteps of the Nephilim or become something much more divine.

Main Comic Here:

Last update: 3rd Dec 2016
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God Games
Ossus Amaranth was a hero of Athens. The Gods, impressed by his bravery and heroism, made him one of them, an Olympian. That is, until, Ossus was betrayed by Zeus. His family was murdered and Ossus was made mortal again. In order to avenge his fallen, Ossus and his companions attends the God Games, a series of death matches where the winner becomes one the divine.
Last update: 3 days ago
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Four Year Epic!
High school is a trip. Crushes, bullies, mean teachers, and mountains of homework.
But its an adventure in of itself and should be enjoyed to the fullest. Follow two nerds Julius and Kazuma as they venture through this four year epic.

Last update: 24th Nov 2016
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Deliver (Updates every Friday)
Sometime in the future there is a Utopian city called Aero. Its land is beautiful and rich. But its government is evil and corrupt.The white Dawns rule and oppress the colored Dusks The royal family abuses its power. Its police are brutal and ruthless, yet the peoples faith in god stands strong. Is god with them in their darkest times. Can a hero deliver them to him?
Last update: 26th Aug 2016
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Eris is the goddess of discord, and she loves screwing with people. Join her on her adventures of messing the world and its people. Mortal and Immortal.

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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4 friends try to maintain their sanity as they try to survive High school
Last update: 9th Dec 2013
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