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Registration date: 16th Mar 2011
Last seen: 13th Apr 2014, 9:41 PM
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About me
Hannah Rose Williams studied at the Association Free Lutheran Bible school and is currently pursuing a double degree in English and writing. She enjoys youth ministry and the goth subculture. She currently resides in Indiana with her husband, Jared.

hrwilliams's comics
Iconoclasts clash as wanderers from parallel worlds fight for survival, meaning, and a way to get home.

Through tehcnological or supernatural means, a random few have managed to move back and forth between worlds. Some are lost. Some are searching. Some are hunters and exterminators. An exploration of the human heart.

Last update: 30th Mar 2014
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Freakin' Jesus!
This comic isn't for kids, but it's appropriate for them. Just a collection of things I doodled over the years. People of all walks of life seem to like 'em. People are weird.
Last update: 24th Dec 2013
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