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Registration date: 12th Mar 2012
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Location: Finland
About me
I'm a girl born the late year of 1993 and I have drawn 2D art officially since 2004 and on and off before that. In dA I wish to be known for my freshly started comic, Temperature, but until it gets more popular I just have to settle for "The cliche avoiding gamer girl"- title. One thing people should know about me is that I was born and raised in Finland, and so I'm described just like any other Finnish person. A coconut. I'm hard on the outside, and so can seem judgemental, blunt, distant and cold, but if you get through that hard shell, you see the soft inside that makes me caring, accepting and one really weird person to have around XD

huispe's comics
Temperature is a comic story based on the world that is at war because of global warming. Story's characters are people with elemental powers, but the fun is that the elements are not the point, but the temperature. So join in on the adventures of Puikko the ice girl, Brise the limbless wind girl, Kuma the legless lava boy and Flame the douche bag.

Comic updates on Saturday evenings :)

Last update: 2 days ago
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After two years from his father's death, RJ inherits an Arabian lamp with a genie inside of it. RJ's refusal to make wishes and Griha's stubbornness cause her to twist RJ's words into a wish that binds them together for the next 7 years.

Now they have to learn to find balance between them and live together as roommates in a small apartment all while trying to deal with RJ's ex, his perverted roommate and genius best friend.

Comic updates on Thursdays :)

Last update: 4 days ago
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It's not a love story
It's not a love story is a web comic of two inhuman creatures building friendship and mostly being lazy and eating hamburgers.

Zigzag (C)
Fin (C)

Last update: 2nd Jun 2013
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