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Registration date: 28th Nov 2011
Last seen: 26th Sep 2016, 7:34 AM
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Location: New Jersey
About me
I am a male in my forties. since childhood, my brother and I have been drawing and making up comic stories.I love reading, and drawing comic stories(guess I am a life long comic geek) I also play and teach guitar.
My comics are also on my website

jerrie's comics
Anthology of Anfer
Anfer is an Island nation full of danger.Fight events are held there. Some are secret, by invitation only, and they are to the death. They are financed by rich and powerful people. These secret events are vital to the Anfer economy. This series is also about Anfer's struggles to survive against outside threats, such as the evil Crasher agency....the American S.P.A.I.C. agency...and the nearby Buuvee island looking to conquer them.
Last update: Yesterday
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V.O.E. ....that's the series title...Vampire Alien warriors from another dimension....that fight an on-going struggle against the evil forces of the Vampire Goddess CLOR. And other threats to the world of Earthal.
Last update: Today
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VOE in 3D
Voe in 3D ...Renee accepts her Destiny and leaves VOE,to be lover and general for the Evil Vampire Goddess CLOR...CLOR plans to take over the world Earthal...and make the human women there slaves.VOE is a Lesbian Vampire soap...for adults

Last update: Yesterday
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Jay's Internet Fight Club
A Bus Driver starts a female fight club in his basement, with his wife, and his wife's girl pals. They broadcast the fights over the internet, and sell the dvds of the matches.The cast goes through adventures outside of the club as well.
Last update: 3rd Sep 2016
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The Grappler Babes Magazine
This is a magazine supplement to my comic Jay's Fight Club!(
Porsha and Jay Nol formed the mag to cover the wrestlers...they get the dish on their private lives, rivalries, etc.....

a way for me to hopefully add more depth to my characters and the comic

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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Pate Empire
Pate Empire is a cotinuing sci-fi series about Lira...ruler of Pate,and her struggles to remain in power.
Last update: 12 days ago
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