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Honey coated lies and slander

Registration date: 25th Apr 2011
Last seen: 1st Sep 2014, 5:03 AM
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Australian // Moonlian

killersteak's comics
Tales of Middar
Follow the stories that come from the eventful land of Middar. Beginning with the story of the rags to riches woman, Yuelle... Dark forces are looming and someone has to stop them.
Last update: 9 days ago
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The Histtory of Comc Fury
This is it people, the candid behind the scenes secret mysterious history of Comic Fury. Follow the tale of a man who set out to create Comic Fury, and how throughout time, defined the site as one of many among others on the internet.
Last update: Yesterday
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Extras - ToM
An account to upload Middar extras on to. Bits of filler get uploaded on weeks I don't update, and then get taken down afterwards, I will archive those pieces here.
Last update: 19th Jul 2014
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Last update: 1st Oct 2011
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