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Registration date: 23rd Jun 2011
Last seen: 9th Oct 2016, 5:09 PM
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kyupol's comics
Crimson and Clover (Naruto Fan Comic) (Itachi x OC)
Follow the life of Mochizuki Akina, as she takes the journey to become the head of her clan. What will happen when things don't go as easily as planned? Will her rival/comrade Uchiha Itachi become her only friend? Will he become her lover? How will Akina react to Itachi’s betrayal? Will she find out the secret meaning of the power of the Black Rose Kekkei Genkai… Or will it kill her first? Find it all out in... Crimson & Clover.

An Uchiha Itachi and OC FanComic. Updates Monday through Friday.

Last update: 11th Jan 2015
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MAG ISA / PARA-SAYO (updates Mon, Fri)
Comic about a loner, an angel, a martial artist priest, and a sinister cult that wants to build a New World Order and increase the hate and violence and pain and suffering in this world by using mind-controlled, demon-possessed super soldiers.

Drama, action, social-political themes, philosophy, spirituality, religious references, some comedy.

Updates Mondays and Fridays

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Last update: Two weeks ago
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A comic about a boy and his inner demon that is a separate entity as well. Done way back when I was between the age of 15-18. So excuse the crappy art. Decided to put it online for preservation and nostalgic value. If you want to see my latest work, check out:

Last update: 6th May 2012
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