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Registration date: 23rd Jun 2011
Last seen: 16th Jan 2017, 4:39 AM
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MAG ISA / PARA-SAYO (updates Mon, Fri)
Comic about a loner, an angel, a martial artist priest, and a sinister cult that wants to build a New World Order and increase the hate and violence and pain and suffering in this world by using mind-controlled, demon-possessed super soldiers.

Drama, action, social-political themes, philosophy, spirituality, religious references, some comedy.

Updates Mondays and Fridays

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Last update: Today
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Mag Isa: Destiny
After losing a friend to police brutality Montrel Brian is loosing touch with humanity. With his mother missing and his father dead he has become ditached with the world and a evil aura has started to consume him. That is until one day two angels appear before him and tell him he is a Nephilim, a product of a union between a fallen angel and a human man.

Will Montrel follow the sinister footsteps of the Nephilim or become something much more divine.

Main Comic Here:

Last update: 3rd Dec 2016
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A comic about a boy and his inner demon that is a separate entity as well. Done way back when I was between the age of 15-18. So excuse the crappy art. Decided to put it online for preservation and nostalgic value. If you want to see my latest work, check out:

Last update: 6th May 2012
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