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Registration date: 22nd Apr 2012
Last seen: 30th Mar 2015, 3:54 AM
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Light Bulbs

A wizard from the 10th century is summoned into the 22nd century to act as a teacher. Sadly the wizard can barely conjure magic thanks to a total global lack of other wizards. To restore magic to the world first the world must be restored it's self.

Last update: Today
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Altair - Outerworld
I wrote this story a couple months back. Altair is a home made comic book series I made during the 90's. This short story is an alternate history to the afterwards to how the series ended back in '00. This is meant to tie into Light Bulbs as a mini series tie-in.

The pages to this will be posted daily till the story is over.

Last update: 25th Mar 2013
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Test Account
This is a test web comic for me deciding if I want Comic Fury for hosting.
Last update: 23rd Apr 2012
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