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About the ComicFury ads
So, you may have noticed that some ComicFury webcomics have ads on them, others don't. And you may have questions such as:
-Will my comic have ads, if I make one with ComicFury?
-Bark bark bark, woof woof, grrrrr
-Wait, ads?

Allow me to explain:

Why?/Will my comic have ads, if I make one with ComicFury?
The ads you see on ComicFury comics are entirely optional. What this means is that you do not have to put ads on your comic, you may choose for it to remain ad-free. You may now be thinking "Why would anyone voluntarily put ads on their comic?"
The answer to that question is also very simple: To support ComicFury. While ComicFury is a service that is free of charge, offering and maintaining this service to all you awesome webcomic creators out there is, unfortunately, not free. ComicFury has to pay for it's servers to keep the awesome alive. If you wish to choose to support us in our quest to give cool webcomics a home, but do not have any money left to spare, or just generally don't mind ads on your comic, you can support us by enabling the ads in your webcomic settings!

Bark bark bark, woof woof, grrrrr
Good dog!

Wait, ads?
Yes! Ads! They look like this:

This is a voluntary opt-in advertisement. Any profit generated goes to Comic Fury for hosting.

or sometimes like this: