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Comic profile: Lady Puissant Shorts
Lady Puissant Shorts
Lady Puissant
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Comic language: English
Genre: Action
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today
Number of comics: 96
Number of subscribers: 6
Visitors: 2601 visitors (6189 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.38 (8 votes)

Comic description

Hello everyone, this is where I will be uploading short comics about not only just things Lady Puissant but also other things as well, such as introductions to other characters tributes to things I appreciate and etc. although the series of Lady Puissant is in a different webcomic account I will definitely be uploading small shorts that will coincide with things that have to do with the series so I don't miss it and thank you everyone :-)


Hello everyone, I have a super hero idea and I want others opinions on it. What you liked about or what I can do to improve it. Thank you everyone :)

Most recent comments left on Lady Puissant Shorts

21st Aug 2017
Final page of it. Hope you guys enjoyed it. I kinda rushed it since I started this yesterday. But anyway thanks for reading and I hope you did not burn your retinas.
Left on LP SE 3 (final)
21st Aug 2017
So, I just saw The Solar Eclipse of 2017. It......was something lol. Anywho I decided to make a Lady Puissant comic tributary to it. Enjoy :)
Left on Solar Eclipse cover
19th Aug 2017
Final page of comic. Hope you liked it. Have a nice day everyone. ;)
Left on SD? 5 (final)
17th Aug 2017
Hello everyone, welcome back. I wanted to show a little inkling of Melanie's childhood. Hope you enjoy :-)
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15th Aug 2017
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY EVERYBODY!!!!!! It's been a year, an ENTIRE year! One year ago today after coming back from a weeklong trip in Alabama, on this very day of August 15th 2016 I just decided to create a story that would explain what happened in between Transformers three and four. And then I just decided that I would make it about a superhero, and then I decided that I would give her a name that is like no other, and then I drew her on paper. Thank you to all of my subscribers or just anyone else who has been following me this passed year I truly adore and appreciate everyone of you although yes Lady Puissant has gone through much change throughout this passed year my love for you guys For you guys will never fade away. So thank you all for one year, and this is just the beginning I cannot wait to introduce her origin to you. I try to keep away from all the clich├ęs as much as possible and do something completely different that is as real life and relatable as possible. So thank you all and stay PUISSANT everybody :-)
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