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2B2T Odyssey
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Last update: 21st Jul 2014, 3:35 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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“No moderating, No admins, No rules. Nothing. You’re on your own, or with buddies, to conquer the world full of grief and rapists.

Combines multiple communities including facepunch, something awful, /v/, /b/, idiots from server lists and more to create an even more horrible world.”


A minecraft player attempts to reach a rumored safe-haven near the spawn point. He and a ragtag group of like-minded newcomers fight their way through an unforgiving world, roaming marauders, experienced fighters and just straight up assholes.

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So I hear!! Hahaha. I've been watching that FitMC guy for a bit. It's wild that this server is still going, and even stronger than it was when I left that comment and when I played. It makes me happy.
howdy people from 2019 and 2020. im from 2021! wonder if in a year some one will comment introducing them selves as 2022 and keep up the trend. *looks to 2022* hey my dude hows life?
sure is. still around in 2021 how about that?
breaths in* sips coffee enjoying the morning while listening to the ¨kings¨ dreams. yup another average day on this server. i love the smell of randomness in the mourning!
no they are the brotherhood of the diamond, i was a group on the server 2b2t. rip that group, they will be missed. last i heard they disbanded long ago.