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We've met for some reason, so you're either my blessing or a lesson.
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The newly crowned king of Zachnrad, Eisenrost Ausfeilen, and his wife Sininen Korjata-Ausfeilen, princess of Henki, travel to the Sacred Spring for ceremonial ablution as the last part of their wedding rites.

However, due to controversy which lead to Eisenrost's coronation and his wife's ailing health, the newlyweds have to take more roundabout route in opposition to previous royal couples' luxurious and representative journey.
16+, road novel/road fiction, slow burn, romance, arranged marriage/political marriage, fantasy with modern setting


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They've met couple of times - yes. But more of a official settings and not nearly enough times to learn more about eachother than the surface level.
Oooh, so they've got history together.
A little bit of backstory...
Author Note
If I ever decide to have the pages in full-color, it'll be for more of a... "deluxe" version and only if there will be a strong demand for such a variant.

(I, personally, prefer them in black-and-white)
Do you intend to color these pages one day?