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A simple life isn't always so simple...
Last update: 8th Aug 2018, 11:59 PM
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A simple life isn't always so simple... Sometimes the guy doesn't always get the girl, sometimes there is no happily ever after and sometimes there's no solution for the easiest problem in life. Tamamama, a 10 year old cat who always seems to bring out the better in people meets a 14 year old human boy named Yuunai who decided to run away from his problems and decided to start a life anew in the land of Myokyo as the new Mayor. These two, along with others will soon be entwined and will be faced with joy, love, drama and adventures with life lessons. SO! C'mon and read the silly seriousness and randomness of the citizens of Myokyo in... A Simple Life! Where a simple life isn't always so simple...
(Genre: Comedy (mostly), Romance, Drama)


Julia KaNeko
Julia KaNeko
Hello there! My name (or rather, alias) is Julia KaNeko (KAH-NEE-KO), but you're better off just calling me "Koneko-Oneechan." Around where I live, I'm known as a novelist and artist and on the side, I'm working on a little project called the Koneko Kafe`.
Anyways, I'm new on here, and I'm glad I found this site. Please welcome me with open arms, paws, wings, fins hooves and I'll welcome you. I also hope you'll enjoy my comics as well. ^^ Who knows? Maybe you'll see them on the shelves of your local book store.

-Julia K'neko (Thursday, July 28th, 2011)

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Julia KaNeko
Hey everyone! Quick update! I'll be at the Boise Comic Arts Festival in Idaho on August 25th - 26th and I am SO excited that I'll be a guest artist there in Artist Alley!

I'll be selling buttons, prints and the first issue of A Simple Life there! It'll show chapter 1 as you see on here, but the comic will also contain some bonus art and exclusive extra comic along with an updated cover!

Even if you can't make it, this book will be available for online purchase as well.

Will keep you updated!
Author Note
Julia KaNeko
Last video for 2017! I look forward to what 2018 brings. *puts on protective gear just in case*

These pieces were Button, print and t-shirt designs for the furry convention, Fangcon. I always love getting commissioned by them and ready to work on 2018's one.

Check it out on YouTube now!
Fangcon 2017 Speed Art - Lady Julia KaNeko

Thanks for watching!

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Cut a Trance - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Electro Cabello Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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Julia KaNeko
Hey all, Lady here. It's been a while, but I wanted to do an update here with a picture I've been working on for a few days and happy with the outcome! Will be uploading video of the processed on my YouTube channel.

In other new, I NOW HAVE A Ko-Fi account!! Buy me a coffee sometime and I’ll start doing some drawings, comics, answer asks and writing prompts!

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Author Note
Julia KaNeko
Hello, everyone. Lady KaNeko here wanting to give an update for why I have, once again been absent for so long, making people believe that this comic has been abandoned.

First, I want to say that this comic is not abandoned, it just that we ran into some big problems when I was getting back into updating on the regular basis. The problem being that I lost my home. So what basically happened was this:
-My husband had lot their job (for some bullshit reason, but I rather not get into that) and I was just working retail part-time.
-I eventually parted ways with that job in order to get back into working as a Barista at a local book store, which I had to part ways with because they were not giving me enough hours. I was able to find a new and full-time job for the commonwealth of the state I was living in and was able to get my husband hired on as a referral.
-Things were looking pretty good... Until one night as i was leaving the building, my husband told me we no longer had a home and had 48 or so hours to get what we could. His parents were able to get us a hotel for the night and for about 2 days. We gathered what we could and flew out to the other side of the U.S. and now staying with his parents until we can get back on our feet. This happened back on October 23, 2016.
-So... Things have been really stressful. When I'm stressed, I tend to go full depressed potato mode and just lie there. We were both able to find new jobs at the same place and it pays a good amount and his parents got us a car so we can commute, so we owe them a good chunk of money, which we were able to pay down some.

That pretty much sums up my absence and why I haven't been able to update on here for a while now, but I was able to by other means, such as social media. Speaking of, A SIMPLE LIFE FACEBOOK FAN PAGE HAS REACHED OVER 226 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!! OMFG THAT IS AMAZING!!!!

NOW, about this update, I've recently got a new tablet to practice working on digital work on. This doesn't mean that A Simple Life will be changing art mediums and turning into a digital comic. I will still be doing the canon comic in a traditional style.
This A Simple Life D'lite will be my first digital comic work, but, it will also be an exclusive comic for my Patrons only to see. Those who become Patrons for my Patreon get the benefit of not only getting early access to comics, but will get to see exclusive artwork and other bonus content.

Those of you who want to have access to this exclusive comic, all you have to do is become a patron to my Patreon and pledge $5 or more. All funding will go towards creating higher quality content at a more decent pace. Please check out my Patreon page for more details.

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Author Note
Julia KaNeko
Hey, everyone. Got another page up, see? I do apologize for the delay, but a lot a shit is going down and it's seriously stressing me the fuck out and all that lovely SHIT...
...But it's cool! At least I got this done and up for you guys, however, those on my Patreon got to see A Simple Life two pages ahead so they kept themselves occupied and whatnot. It is something to consider. Besides life taking a piss in my cornflakes, the other issue with uploading was that for some reason, when coloring this page, there was SO. MUCH/ BLEEDING. and I had to do a little editing in photoshop. ANOTHER issue is that the color I use to color Tama's fur is running out of ink... Which isn't good. I like coloring with art markers, but it isn't exactly cheap...

So that's one of the reasons why I'm really hoping to get more Patrons on my Patreon soon. The funding would go towards art supplies and other stuff so I can continue producing more work and other things. So please CHECK OUT MY PATREON and see what incentives you get with each pledge, such as... Being able to see NSFW content that will be Patron-Only exclusives!

Anywhozzit, please enjoy this page! Seeya next week!!

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