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Comic profile: A Simple Life
A Simple Life
A simple life isn't always so simple...
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Content flags: Strong LanguageNudity
Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 19th Aug 2016
Number of comics: 38
Number of subscribers: 14
Visitors: 20905 visitors (79341 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (31 votes)

Comic description

A simple life isn't always so simple... Sometimes the guy doesn't always get the girl, sometimes there is no happily ever after and sometimes there's no solution for the easiest problem in life. Tamamama, a 10 year old cat who always seems to bring out the better in people meets a 14 year old human boy named Yuunai who decided to run away from his problems and decided to start a life anew in the land of Myokyo as the new Mayor. These two, along with others will soon be entwined and will be faced with joy, love, drama and adventures with life lessons. SO! C'mon and read the silly seriousness and randomness of the citizens of Myokyo in... A Simple Life! Where a simple life isn't always so simple...
(Genre: Comedy (mostly), Romance, Drama)


Julia KaNeko
Julia KaNeko
Hello there! My name (or rather, alias) is Julia KaNeko (KAH-NEE-KO), but you're better off just calling me "Koneko-Oneechan." Around where I live, I'm known as a novelist and artist and on the side, I'm working on a little project called the Koneko Kafe`.
Anyways, I'm new on here, and I'm glad I found this site. Please welcome me with open arms, paws, wings, fins hooves and I'll welcome you. I also hope you'll enjoy my comics as well. ^^ Who knows? Maybe you'll see them on the shelves of your local book store.

-Julia K'neko (Thursday, July 28th, 2011)

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Julia KaNeko
19th Aug 2016
Julia KaNeko
Hey, everyone. Got another page up, see? I do apologize for the delay, but a lot a shit is going down and it's seriously stressing me the fuck out and all that lovely SHIT...
...But it's cool! At least I got this done and up for you guys, however, those on my Patreon got to see A Simple Life two pages ahead so they kept themselves occupied and whatnot. It is something to consider. Besides life taking a piss in my cornflakes, the other issue with uploading was that for some reason, when coloring this page, there was SO. MUCH/ BLEEDING. and I had to do a little editing in photoshop. ANOTHER issue is that the color I use to color Tama's fur is running out of ink... Which isn't good. I like coloring with art markers, but it isn't exactly cheap...

So that's one of the reasons why I'm really hoping to get more Patrons on my Patreon soon. The funding would go towards art supplies and other stuff so I can continue producing more work and other things. So please CHECK OUT MY PATREON and see what incentives you get with each pledge, such as... Being able to see NSFW content that will be Patron-Only exclusives!

Anywhozzit, please enjoy this page! Seeya next week!!

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Left on A Simple Life - Chapter 3, Page 18
Julia KaNeko
6th Aug 2016
Julia KaNeko
Hello everyone! First of all, can I say how happy I am that I uploaded this and getting shit taken care of? It feels nice working on this comic again. I promise, no more redos! Artist's Curse and all where I finished drawing, then look back and say "what the fu--? Was I DRUNK when I wrote this?!"
Yeah, yeah, yeah... All That aside, if you haven't read before, I'VE STARTED A PATREON!! Which has a lot a awesome benefits if you decide to become a Patron and support me and my work. That way, the more Patrons I have, the more I can work on the comic and produce better quality stuff for y'all!

One of the benefits of being a Patron is that you get to see the comic TWO PAGES AHEAD of schedule!! Plus other Patreon-Exclusive posts! Soooo... That's pretty awesome if you think about it. :3 Especially since I'm just updating once a week.

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Left on A Simple Life - Chapter 3, Page 17
Julia KaNeko
20th Jul 2016
Julia KaNeko
Hey all. I'm still working on some things and trying to work on updating the comic on a nice, simple schedule.

Other than thaaaaat... Drumroll, please...!



Yep! Thaaaaat's right! It's taken a lot of work (a typing to the point where I sprained my wrist rather... badly... Probably shouldn't be typing)... But I did it was worth it.

So, please, please, PLEEEEEAAAAAASE... Check out my Patreon and become a Patron. Every bit helps and I truly would appreciate it. The more I make each month, the more I can work on this comic. Besides that, depending on how much you pledge, you get to see EXCLUSIVE content that won't be shown on here, but on Patreon only! For example...

Patrons who pledge at least $5 will get to see A Simple Life TWO PAGES AHEAD and get more sweet treats, such as CAMEO APPEARANCES and much, much, more.


To keep up with the latest updates and junk, "Like" A Simple Life's Facebook fan page!

Seeya next time!
Left on Announcements & Updates!! (Please read description)
Julia KaNeko
1st Jul 2016
Julia KaNeko
Hey all. It's been a while. Again. Yeah... Things happened and bad about updating, but I'm trying to change all that!

Here is a commission piece that I did for my friend, Alex. I'm really proud of it. One, because someone liked my traditional artwork so much, that they commissioned me to do a piece for them and two, I did this with a new art medium--markers!!

I'm planning on making some small changes to this little comic, starting with the banner and getting back into the routine of drawing and uploading on the regular bases.

I'm not giving up!

Julia KaNeko
Left on Commission for Alex Fetter
Julia KaNeko
19th Feb 2016
Julia KaNeko
So I was practicing with drawing on my Wacom Tablet and doodle Tama!

...Tama wasn't too happy about this.

I may be in trouble with her.
Left on Tama is not amused...