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You're born, you die, you go out for ice cream.
Last update: 5th Nov 2018, 8:00 PM
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The Desert Peach is the Desert Fox's gay brother. This is his afterlife. If you like Donna Barr's weird sense of humor and view of the world - and uniforms and some really hot boots, centaurs, harpies, insight into the military life, and the idea that you can eat all the avocados in the afterlife without gaining weight - this is for you. Donna's style and stories are her own. She's truly an original.


Donna Barr
Donna Barr
Donna Barr is the creator of the original drawn books series "The Desrt Peach," "Stinz," and "Bosom Enemies," among others, including "Afterdead," where she rolls all of her characters into one wild series. It originally ran on Webcomicsnation, set up by our hero, Joey Manley (who recently passed and we remember with fondness and admiration).

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Donna Barr
It's a freehand rough I digitally colored. New Yorker style! :D Which has drawn like this ever since Thurber.
Thank you for responding to my comment on the previous page. Now, may I ask why this story happens to be drawn in a sketchier style than all the others? Is it a draft, or was it ever published in this format?
Donna Barr
Thank you! For helping catch this one. When there are this many pages, reader comments and corrections are extremely helpful.
“Ah, I see now”
I was wondering what this page was doing in the middle of "All the Wrong Places" (comic 495). This said, you might want to correct that, now that you've caught up to it...
Donna Barr
“Thank you!”
Thank you! I hope it makes everybody laugh and weep and get thrown off balance. <3