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What would you do if you lived with an alien warlord?
Last update: 3rd Jun 2012, 5:19 PM
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Tnx Brady, I enjoyed it - are you teaching the unicycle class?
Excellent work!
That was actually very funny! I think I will subscribe.
I know this one took a while. Life's been interesting.
But fret not, the interestingness is over. Unless I get to teach that unicycling class, and that computer game I'm collaborating on gets off the ground.
Author Note
Hi. Sorry about the delay. It's a long story. It begins with a cat, and the draw strings of my pajamas. Then during recovery period when all I wanted to do was sit with a pillow on my lap (less for comfort than for protection from cats) and watch old Ellen Degeneres shows. Once I was fully healed, I just didn't get around to building momentum on this particular project. Until now.

If you have further questions, I won't answer them.
Author Note