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The nighttime sky went dark one night, when the goddess of the heavens suddenly vanished. 20 years of darkness followed, a time of despair and uncertainty for those whose souls were once destined for the stars. That is, until a pair of young Qaig unwittingly find themselves swept up in the remnants of a divine conspiracy.
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One of many refujeeves. Just an old fart trying to get hip with the times and make stuff that puts an iron grip on people's hearts.

Legend has it that I'm a good character writer, but I'll let you be the judge of that.

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What a brilliant way to perk her up!

The creature designs are neat~
Well, way to leave a fantastic first impression
Cause its short is that why.
Oh buddy, that was the wrong thing to say.
Author Note
Another great page, always looking forward to them! :)

Really liking this other side of Kasyu, much different when he's relaxed, nice to see!

Also yeah, maybe someone should offer Suryn a bottle of water, poor thing looks exhausted