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Webcomic profile: Angels of Iblis
Angels of Iblis
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Language: English
Genre: Other
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 1st Aug 2016, 12:00 AM
Number of comics: 165
Number of subscribers: 94
Visitors: 37359 visitors (157724 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (386 votes)

Webcomic description

"In a world, where starting a sentence with 'in a world' automatically makes you read said sentence in that cool announcer guy voice, comes a webcomic about people killing each other."

Look, I know the point of this thing is to try and hook you into reading my comic like some sort of hypnotic siren's song, but I don't really feel like spoiling things and would much rather leaves things a surprise. All I'm gonna say is that this is one of those game-of-life-and-death Battle Royale Stories, along the same lines of Mirrai Nikki and Dangan Ronpa. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, then there's really not much else I can say to convince you now is there?

So yeah, read if you want I guess. I won't break into your house at night and slightly tilt all the picture frames in your room 15 degrees down to the left if you don't. I have people to do that for me. Oh, and sorry about that guy who drank the last of your milk last week. He was thirsty.

Comic Updates every Monday and Friday.


L. Cardenas
What's there to say, really? I do the comic thing and like dragons.

Most recent comments left on Angels of Iblis

L. Cardenas
1st Aug 2016
Well guys, it's finally here: the official new official hub site for Angels of Iblis and any future projects I may pursue: Studio Lacabra.

I will not delete this comicfury site, but it will also no longer be updating, so please change your bookmarks now.

And as promised, the ENTIRETY of Episode 2 is available RIGHT NOW for you to read.

I know you guys have been waiting for this for a long time now, and I'd like to thank everyone who has supported me throughout these last two years, and hope you'll continue to support the comic in the future.

Keep being awesome people!
Left on Farewell, ComicFury
Werekill (Guest)
29th Jun 2016
Good to hear the comic is coming back! I was starting to worry, haha.
Left on Here it comes
Magnificent Dandelion
25th Jun 2016
Magnificent Dandelion
The only gripe I have with this change is the update schedule. I'm more of an update once or twice a week man; keeps me involved.

Whatever, though. I'll still follow this comic on the other site.
Left on Here it comes
L. Cardenas
24th Jun 2016
I'm flattered, as well as a little curious as to how the assignment turned out.
Left on Here it comes
23rd Jun 2016
Ahaha it's funny that you are making a fancy website because it reminds me that I actually made a really basic website for AoI for an html assignment in my comp science class. It doesn't look nearly as pretty as that but yep. Haha I love your comic so much and this news is exciting!

Though it may be a bit hard to keep up with the new updates now that's it's on another site but meh it's fine. I'll manage!

And gee looks like this semester hasn't been hell for just me. Haha
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