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The Apex Society
Two-Fisted Pulp Action
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Graphic Violence / Gore
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Neo-Pulp adventure comic featuring a mix of original and Public Domain characters and concepts. Content warning for violence.


Philip Rice. Toronto-based artist and illustrator.

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The lesbian bouncer's outfit reminds me of Nador's Doc Strange.
I believe The Terror was the name of Robur's airship, but in this case, it refers to the organization of the same name from The Angel of the Revolution: A Tale of the Coming Terror (1893) by George Griffith, which features a heroic Socialist terrorist group that end up taking over the world with a fleet of airships. Obviously the ending (and the sequel which established a 100-year reign of peace afterwards before trouble starts up again) wasn't compatible with the Apex Society Universe, but I'm using aspects of it. Aeria is also from those books.
The Terror... I forget, is that one Mors or Robur?
Badass. Reminds me of something out of Luther Arkwright.