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Webcomic profile: Avatars
A webcomic for webcomic writters.
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Language: English
Genre: Comedy
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Last update: 5 days ago, 6:07 AM
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Webcomic description

Avatars is a webcomic for the creative individual. The main characters are avatars of the creators of the comic and they know it. J is the Avatar of Creator,Writer and Illustrator Jason de Boer. Ty is the Avatar of Co-Creator/Writer Tylor Hewak. Scratch is the Avatar of Co-Creator/Writer Mark Mallon. As avatars, they have the ability to affect the world they live in. More specifically, they have the ability to create characters and bring them to life.

Avatars 2, which starts at at chapter 9, is the revitalizing of the series with the help of a new Co-Writter Jeff Hache. His Avatar, Russ/Sirus, begins a war on the other avatars. It is a battle of characters. Who can create the best one?
Updated weekly Wednesday midnight.


GriffinJay, AKA Jason de Boer, is a Canadian cartoonist, griffin enthusiast (though it doesn't show in his art because he doesn't feel the need to push the awesomeness of griffins on others,) and reverse vampire. He has always been a fan of Marvel comics and an on/off anime fan.
My three main comics (Avatars, Meat Head, and IBH:Hera) are rotatedly updated weekly, targetting Wednesdays.
If you would like to see more of my work, visit

Most recent comments left on Avatars

18th Apr 2019
This strip is a tribute to Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny. Co-creator Tylor does a pretty good impression of Jack Black and in many ways they remind me of each other sometimes. He even just spontaneously launched into singing Beelzeboss from that movie in the middle of a Denny's once, doing all the non-melodic dialog and sound effects just about perfectly too. It was hilariously epic, or possibly epically hilarious. You had to be there.
Left on Complete
4th Apr 2019
These last few and the next several strips are pretty much writing themselves. Almost just straight copying the pages that my former co-worker and I drew several years ago; just cleaned up a bit. And by that I mean both in the quality of the illustration and in the level of crude/dirty humor and course language we originally used.
That last line comes from when Jeff commented on some previous drawing of Scratch with goose eggs on his head from some other beating.
Left on The Brick
28th Mar 2019
The first installment of The Science of Avatars. We had this idea to use a "The More You Know" theme for explaining various aspects of our Avatars powers and whatnot.
This was also an excuse to bring my little griffin back.
Left on The Science of Avatars: Installment #1
25th Mar 2019
The rant in the fourth panel is something Tylor was known for back in the day. He would go off on some long-winded explanation for things that needed no explanation, especially if he had just been caught in a lie. He'd pile bullsh*t upon bullsh*t until things started to seem like they might make sense. And you couldn't not listen, as it was usually entertainingly peculiar.
Left on I Like Licorice
31st Jan 2019
If you recall, the emo wizard Perry Otter did mention that they were in a dark room. This holo-simulator explanation simultaneously sets up Karuu to be able to use his full power and explains why there's little to no backgrounds in most of the strips leading up to now. The real reason being that I'm too focused on the characters and actions to put much attention into the setting. Also laziness.
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