Megan Kearney's Beauty and The Beast
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Last update: 8th Feb 2019, 4:00 AM
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A lushly conceived and meticulously researched retelling of the classic Fairy Tale, Beauty and The Beast.


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For some reason, I thought about this comic today and wanted to say, thanks again, I greatly enjoyed it and I feel you stuck the landing with the ending here, which isn't always easy to do.
The castle is stunning!
Oh I'm so glad I found this. It was a beautiful story and I really like your take on ... everything about it. The whole contract thing was very clever and the depression parts really resonated. Thank you for bringing this beautiful take on this story into the world.
Loving the details of the shadows and lace.
*chuckles* even after The “Beast” becomes human, Belle still calls him beast especially during one of his “wanderings” and “I need a little self care me time”