Megan Kearney's Beauty and The Beast
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Last update: 8th Feb 2019, 4:00 AM
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A lushly conceived and meticulously researched retelling of the classic Fairy Tale, Beauty and The Beast.


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I have come back to this story so many times to reread it. I love the whole story but this particular retelling always pulls on my heartstrings. To think I first found this in 2017-2018 is crazy and to think that I’ll probably come back to read this again and again and still feel the same little butterflies of happiness in my heart from your story is just amazing. You deserve all the best Ms. Megan .
I come back to read through the many comments of people loving your work and it warms my heart (I wonder when I will see this comment again). Thank you once again, for your years of work and heart you put into this story. Argus and beauty are simply incredible 😭🥺
This was beautiful. I love how you retold this story. You improved and clarified the best aspects of it, streamlining the essential elements while cutting out the more troublesome parts.
There's really nothing else to say. Any further compliments or congratulations would be redundant. You have said everything that needed to be said in this story. It's complete. All I can say is thanks.
Thanks for putting the time and effort and love into making a beautiful story.
Oh my goodness, this was just beautiful!
You are truly an inspiration to all aspireing writers and artists!
I have so many thing I want to say about this... but they all amout to
The story was beautiful
The art was beautiful
The message was beautiful
It was stunningly beautiful!
Thank you for putting so much time and effort into this! It has truly changed the way I look at comic books!
God bless you and your family!
Truly beautiful in so many ways! From the art to the storytelling to the dialogue, every aspect had me bewitched and enthralled, excited yet anxious to know what happens next. I especially love the commentary to the characters in the author's notes!
I really enjoyed and loves this story and wanted to know if you be making more hard copies of Beauty and the Beast? The first book is all out :'( Will the August special come back ? And does the epilogue get a hard form too?.....Either way I love this story and art.