Megan Kearney's Beauty and The Beast
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Last update: 8th Feb 2019, 4:00 AM
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A lushly conceived and meticulously researched retelling of the classic Fairy Tale, Beauty and The Beast.


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Loving the details of the shadows and lace.
*chuckles* even after The “Beast” becomes human, Belle still calls him beast especially during one of his “wanderings” and “I need a little self care me time”
I know in a way, it’s plot that the dog will meet up to any stranger, which then happened to have tied their plots forward to drive the plot forward for “Beast”. But I wonder if dogs have a natural “instinct” to greet people who are “friendly” or compatible with their “pack mates”?
Dear Artistrator, (quoting the cat)

Beast (Argus) Forfeited his heart when he literally stabbed himself in self hatred, so how is he able to give him hers? I know magic at times is used as a metaphor or symbol, but then how was he able to give her his heart, whole and healed?

I remember reading this series back in 2016 to its completion, and coming back to reread it (after the US President inauguration of 2020), I am suddenly bothered by this little information. I could just simply accept “it’s magic”, but magic is usually a catalyst and in this world “wild”, it would not really have an incentive to heal the heart of a self hating, dying man other than making him one of their own or a “servant”.
What does it mean!? wHAT DOES IT MEAN!? Metaphorically? Literally!?