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It ain't easy being an Interdimensionl Kidventurer.
Last update: 11th Oct 2020, 8:34 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore
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This is the story of a summer vacation that would have been totally boring and sad - if it weren't for the discovery of a secret passageway into a magical land of mystery and danger!


Bumblebee is really my cat's name.

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Thanks! Feels good to get a page out! My wife had knee surgery so I’ve been doing double duty, but I managed to get some “work” in last night. Funny how you miss it when you can’t do it!
Welcome back!

Boomstick FTW!
A little side story about Old Thunder. Taking advantage of the changing narrator to experiment with style choices...
Author Note
Thanks! A friend of mine told me that when he first read it, and I subsequently got obsessed with that show. It checked a lot of boxes for me! Till they started growing up and getting weird, but what can ya do. “A dragon lives forever, but not so little boys...”
oh my god...the quarterback is toast! def already has a stranger things vibe :)