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Because there are some things that just...don't...fit...anyw here else.
Last update: 31st Dec 2011, 12:37 AM
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This is where things go that don't go elsewhere.

For those more curious as to my motives or rationale, see here: Click this


Ask me something. Anything.

If I run through your comic's archive, I will comment on a statistical ~17.31% of your comics.

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This is my awesome birthday present, from Fubar.

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We totally made a box fort in our new apartment........we're all pretty awesome >.>
Indeed, congratulations!

You didn't need to use the earbuds like that, though. They can hear it through the uterine wall just fine. Only sayin'.
Silver Streak
When you write things like this it is clear that you never ever wish to have a female breed with you.....

Congratulations Zoe!!!!!

....Sorry Jrade...
If my understanding of hominid physiology is accurate (and it often is), once the mature form has disseminated its pupae, it ceases life functions, hence decomposing and serving as a sort of nutrition-laden sludge for its developing young. Once they reach the larval stage of development, they outgrow this 'birth-pond', and head out into the world to become stockbrokers and lawnmower salesmen.

Save for the rejects. They create inadequate webcomics with terrible quality and long unexplained hiatuses. Hiati. Hiateese?

My knowledge of grammar and lexica are substantially lesser than of physiology.

...but I digress. Congratulations to Zoe (a fellow ComicFury member and comic maker), who gave birth to her daughter Marceline yesterday. Let's give her a hand for doing an inimitably cool thing.

Well done Zoe!

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Silver Streak
tehe..I liked that last bit ^.^

Very nice, honey! Welcome back!