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Pyromancy, Politics & Prophecies...
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Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
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A webcomic about vampires, ghosts, and a crazy ogre-demon. This webcomic features blood drinking, violence, naughty words, and the occasional bout of nudity. Strong female lead, diverse cast, LGBTQIA+ characters, deals with Japanese yokai (spirits), ceremonial magic, immortal bullshit, himbos, kink.

Actual Plot Synopsis:
Raul is a spiritually troubled man who has lost nearly his entire family to the wars between San Diego & Tijuana but he is willing to risk everything if it means tracking down the avatar of fire--who is destined to return light to the dead world on the other side of the mirror. He believes Antoine Laveau, a Baron of San Diego, can lead him to the being he seeks. Hotaru is a firefighter with a dangerous but beautiful passion for fire spinning, a weird Oni tattoo, and a big heart. These things are probably related.


Hi! I'm Arlechina R. Graves. I'm a member of the historic Graves family. I'm a dance ethnologist and I make the Eternity: Hotaru webcomic. When not working on the webcomic, I write about Mediterranean history, endangered languages, and obscure cults. I also drink way too much herbal tea.

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Aw, sorry about that. I made a compromise with my schedule so I could keep doing it. The art going forward will not be as detailed but the story will keep going until I either find another artist to take over or I actually finish it. These pages with Kurt and Agnes have really been fun and pretty easy to do. Glad you came back! I hope you keep commenting too. I love seeing what you think of it all.
i stopped paying attention to the comic when i thought u were gunna stop glad i came bak
My sense of humor: "Name her Agnes (lamb) but make her really, really mean." Also, part of me wants to cut over to what Antoine is doing right now but it would be really boring to watch him mind his own business for 12 straight hours.
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somehow, agnes´ 'set her free' sounds like 'stake her' to me.....creepy b#ch!
Oh, dang. Another ghost and she is on a mission! I would like to introduce Agnes, the previous Baroness of El Cajon and Kurt's undead (though now quite thoroughly dead) parent.
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