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Pyromancy, Politics & Prophecies...
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Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
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A webcomic about vampires set in San Diego, CA circa 2003. Hotaru is a Japanese-American firefighter who ends up smack in the middle of a conflict boiling between the immortal residents of San Diego and Tijuana. This little firefighting, poi spinning, tattooed badass has her own ideas about right and wrong. All kids do, right? This one is different... 

*Eternity is rated R. R is for Rad. R is also for Redrum... This webcomic features blood drinking and violence (dismemberment, death, partial nudity, guns, and strong language).


A alt modeling career, Metal Concert event photographer, government contractor and a bachelor's in Graphic Design, but i gave it all up to come back to my childhood dream of making comics. <3
I am the writer for the Eternity: Hotaru webcomic and creator of the Blood Legacies Universe where it all goes down. I started writing comics in 2012 and recently (September, 2019) I started working on illustrating as well. I know just enough to scrape by right now as an artist but I am looking to collaborate with others. I'm currently working on expanding the Blood Legacies universe with two new webcomics, a full length novel series, and have been developing an original RPG to go with all of that. I am a bonafide workaholic and I'm having an absolute blast making this stuff.

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so her house is in el cajon which is kurts territory but now antoine adopted her so she has to live in his territory? that sucks for her
Brian is a character from the expanded universe who hasn't been introduced in this webcomic. For consistency's sake, I have included some bits of his presence that are part of this story in a tangential way. His boxes are alongside Kat's, Hotaru's, and Shannon's in the attic for context. He's explained a bit more on my secret Patreon that I haven't told anybody about yet because I wanted to fill it up a bit more before launch. He'll be along eventually... as I release more titles in the BLU. For now, he's just kind of in the background as a name on a box.
frederico wasnt brian? then who the heck is brian?
OMG, that last panel... She is so proud of herself and it's adorable! :-)

However, it is this time that we should listen to the words of a great scoundrel: "Great going kid! Don't get cocky!" :-)
The 3 in the omake are: Katrine, Shannon, and Frederico. I was wondering if anybody was going to pick up on the stuff in the background. ;-)