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Blue Blood Heroes
Superpowered, blue-blooded children form into a team of super-heroes.
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Six children possess a genetic irregularity that grants them super-human powers and turns their blood blue. As criminals and injustice begin to rise in their hometown, they decide to form a superhero team.


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I do tend to really like stuff with these two's relationship; Nicky really does kind of feel like Grant's little sidekick with the way he's kind of endlessly enthusiastic compared to how much more nervous and shy Grant is. Kind of getting a chance to examine that dynamic a little bit with Nicky having to drag him out of this, and I do like kind of putting over just how goodhearted Grant is that being like this is apparently the worst nightmare he can think of.

Grant's issues are something I really look forward to examining further down the line; I think he probably has a lot of hang-ups with his parents that he hasn't even identified himself yet, and I'm pretty eager to see how kind of being made aware of some of that here weighs on him going forward.

Wonder when we're cutting back to the glowy ball of angst.
Author Note
These nightmares are bringing everyone's insecurities and suppressed emotional turmoil straight to the surface, what in the world is going to happen now.
Adam C.
Heh. I was actually trying to cram in as many Superman references to Grant's dream as a I could; it was a nod to Pete Ross, Clark Kent's boyhood best friend.

Pan WOULD cameo in a dream, though, does that all the time. And if he were mature enough for a romantic relationship (BIG if, admittedly), he probably would be pansexual. ..... There's a narcissism joke in there somewhere.
Adam C.
Pretty much, yeah. Grant's sense of justice meant he has a lot of trouble coping with his parents' selfishness.
Who's this Peter he was set to have a date with? Peter Pan? The two would probably have loads to talk about, with the flight, and the self-centered attitude. XD

He'd also totally cameo in a dream. That's almost kinda his shtick.