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Superpowered, blue-blooded children form into a team of super-heroes.
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Six children possess a genetic irregularity that grants them super-human powers and turns their blood blue. As criminals and injustice begin to rise in their hometown, they decide to form a superhero team.


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Very interesting, wonder what's going to happen in this chapter.
This cover I think could probably be better, but it wasn't really designed with the new format we're using for covers in mind; I actually did kind of a last-minute redo of a lot of it on Monday to try and make it look a little better, which included reformatting the chapter's logo - originally the sun and moon symbol was over top of the text instead of part of it, which is why this chapter's logo is much plainer than the one used in WaR. I also really struggled with finding a place to fit it.

I do think that it should probably be noted that I'm a little unclear on if Sareena will really have any kind of presence in this chapter? I could see her being alluded to or maybe in a flashback or something but her presence here is more kind of a thematic thing in regards to Martina than it is directly tying into the events of the chapter. Rick, Marina, and the kids will all of course be parts of it, though. ... Not a long wait on Rick either like Adam said.

Went and accidentally uploaded the page with the layer for it turned off but fixed now, one additional thing that you might notice with this page is the fence; we've been doing a lot of experiments with tones and patterns of late and that was one little thing that I came away from this cover pretty happy with. Kind of the case with a lot of this one, not really my favorite cover ever if only because the most recent WaR one would be very hard to top but still a lot of stuff I'm pretty pleased with.

Really hoping everyone's going to enjoy. This is likely going to be a pretty lengthy chapter with a lot going on but we're really angling to make it a big fun ride.
Author Note
Adam C.
Heheh.... Yeah, this is one of the harder ones to comment on... A lot of chapters in Blues I know we kinda obscure the main "plot" until it gets going, mostly because I like to have it be a surprise once it happens. This is one of the more extreme cases of that; issue is going to be pretty long and have a lot happening in it, so we want to keep things sort of coy. Once things kick off, we hope folks'll enjoy.

Should probably say a few things about this; firstly despite the grim cover, the actual contents of the chapter are pretty breezy and fun, and also that this is the last chapter before this story arc's climax. Sort of how the Fontainebleu-treasure chapter was the penultimate one before the Marvelous Man climax. The two chapters sort of serve the same function of being something light and cheery before the more serious payoff.

By "light and cheery" I mean that for this chapter we dial the cuteness of this chapter so high I'm pretty sure we broke the knob.

Kind of just wanted to get that out of the way for everyone. I try to avoid the Covers Always Lie Trope, but it's hard to do when we're always so close to the chest about the plot of our chapters.

Will just admit that this was an attempt to mimic the freakishly-awesome cover Martin recently used in Wright As Rayne.

I feel like some bars were raised with that cover and I wanted to pick it up. Me and Martin both put a lot of work into this cover to punch it up, but it still didn't quite match that one in terms of sheer awesomeness. I still feel like this was a step up, and I want more covers to have a bigger impact.

As you can see, Martina Ferguza is back, first time since the aforementioned Fontainebleu chapter... I really like her; every time she shows up I feel like she's bringing something new. We also see from the Cover Box that Rick's crew is popping back up, and since he turned out to be a popular character, imagine a few readers will be happy about that. You won't have to wait long for either one, don't worry. ^^
Author Note
Neat, very interesting, wonder what the cover will be the next chapter.
Yeah, that was the overall point of this whole thing - tie it back into what's going on with the kids right now with Protocol delivering a pretty needed bit of perspective on how the parents are reacting to them. The whole thing of how the kids are being perceived thing is a pretty key part of this whole arc and all so was a natural way to bring things together there.

Funny, not actually sure on how much I have to say beyond that but I am pretty happy with this one. I do like getting to see more of Protocol's perspective on things, plus getting to call out the awful, "Smart people are miserable," cliche that you see so much.

Next chapter starts on Wednesday. Really hope everyone's going to enjoy it, probably be very long but it's one we've been very eager to get to.
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