Blue Blood Heroes
Superpowered, blue-blooded children form into a team of super-heroes.
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Six children possess a genetic irregularity that grants them super-human powers and turns their blood blue. As criminals and injustice begin to rise in their hometown, they decide to form a superhero team.


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So OZ knows how to play the stock market, very interesting, wonder what's going to happen next.
That page Adam linked to was on October 6th of last year, this one's on October 5th of this year. So effectively it pretty much took exactly one year to pay that off; in large part due to the reduced schedule and other problems that have arisen along the way but it's still pretty crazy how that timing shakes out. And how much better the art's gotten since that page, everyone's heads are soooo wide there.

So yeah, this was definitely a topic that it felt like about time to really take a step back and really address. I think Andy's probably been crushing on Lore for a long time at this juncture but that moment in the Night Terror fight is what really made him take a step back and let it click in his mind.

As for Rick, yeah, that's been another idea in place for awhile. We probably won't lean on him being rich super hard, don't want to step on the toes of Spencer (or on Power in WaR), but it does kind of make sense logistically and does tie into some ideas for the character we have going forward. Plus I just like the absurdity that Rick pays so little attention to his finances that he has zero idea how much he's actually worth at this point. He could very easily be going bankrupt and have no concept of it, which also kind of goes to show why this is a move that makes sense to make with the character.

Adam handled all the shading stuff on this one - I was kind of prepared to do it myself since his schedule for tonight was kind of uncertain, but wound up just being really tired due to some medication I'm on and off taking at the moment. Much appreciate him rising to the situation despite his own issues, though if you're seeing the initial upload are a couple of little things I'll need to fix in a little bit after I get more woken up.
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Adam C.
I mentioned how disappointed I was that last update we had to delay the planned page. THIS was the planned page. ^^

I mean... WAS this a secret? I kinda was thinking that this was the plan since the idea for this comic first popped into me head. This has never not been what we wanted to try. I... think it's one of those things where it's been sitting so long that it took another author to remember it and bring it out in full.

There was an idea to finally, FINALLY go into it this arc, to the point that a page at the end of the last arc highlighted this. That moment was probably where Andy realized how he felt internally and has just sort of been sitting on it until now.

Low-key have really enjoyed how Jenny and Andy have been playing off each other. The way they're clearly friends in the midst of semi-strangers so they're really gravitating hard toward each other. Sneaking off like this to talk in private is a good spot for that too.

Martin had the idea to make Rick rich; we kinda don't want him to run into the logistical problems that would come with living with his crew while being a lazy unemployed hedonist. Yeah, he got a lot of money from Mr. Star but I think with his irresponsibility and the zaniness of his new family that would be gone REALLY quick if OZ wasn't running finances for him.

The dialog about the ghost being his favorite was a random ad-lib I threw in, and we discussed whether or not Rick was enough of a jerk to even HAVE a favorite. I kinda argue yes, since he at least seems to connect with her the most, if only in a Dorothy-and-Scarecrow way. I think he's usually just smart enough to not admit it though; Khelsea and OZ wouldn't care, but I think Mantioda, Lilly, and Wilma would be really offended/hurt if he just blurted this out in front of them.
Author Note
Real life happens.
Yeah, this page was pretty much entirely an experiment in how much I could improvise with little time or idea, fitting it between the existing pages without any real issues and trying to keep the art as minimal as possible. Not that Adam had no involvement with it by any means - drew Oz and Protocol and drew all of the faces except Gibraltar, plus put the dialogue on the page - but it was very much a case of me kind of trying to pick up the slack while he had a lot of stuff going on.

Naturally given the circumstances it's a fairly light, disposable page, but am still pretty happy with how it turned out. Was a fun little experiment in figuring out how to structure everything and do think some good bits came out of the dialogue, which was itself different from normal since I wrote it after the bulk of the page was drawn and had to kind of write around the order the characters were on the page. Did try and group them incidentally - if you notice Jake aside everyone's lined up according to their respective group, including in regards to where Oz and Protocol are positioned.

So yeah. All in all not really an ideal page to have to do but under the circumstances it was kind of this or filler and didn't really want to do filler again already so hopefully everyone enjoys this kind of speedbump update slotted in between the previous page and what we wanted to do for the next one. That next one is one we've been wanting to get to for a long time so look forward to Wednesday I guess. Assuming the rain we're about to get due to the hurricane fallout doesn't cause any substantial problems I guess. ... I probably oughta shade the last page of the next Militant Gold and get that batch set up tonight now that I think about it.
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