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Mini Comics are fun
Last update: 3rd Oct 2012, 8:00 PM
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Random webcomics that I make (sometimes with other people).

There is no rhyme or reason or continuity between any of them.


Just starting out in writing and drawing comics - doing it for fun. (And a year or so in I still feel like I am just starting out...)


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Heh hes a meat eater :D actually a live meat eater >_< nicely done! sad its the end .
Thanks! Yeah I am still deciding if I want to do more and wrap up things; tell sort of a side story that answers some questions, but brings in others; or just leave it be as is.
Man, That is creepy! It's cool to end it here with all these questions for the readers to take their own view on. But f you were to do more it would be awesome!
I've very much enjoyed it far! (even if it is the end)
And it ends...at least for now. I am thinking about doing more later, but am undecided. I kind of like just having a bit of story and a lot of unresolved mysteries. But then again, I really like the story I have for this.
Author Note
Thanks. I was going to end it soon, but I am really considering extending it a bit because I am really enjoying doing it.