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a horror anthology webcomic
Last update: 20th Jul 2016, 4:00 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore
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In a strange mansion far to the north there is a strange library and at the center of the library is a book that may be the key to saving the world...or destroying it. This is the story of the book and the stories within it.


The writer/creator of the horror anthology webcomic THE BOOK OF LIES. Also does short stories and film. And draws a bit. image

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Not over, but I've been working on some longer projects and want to take a pause on the shorts. I still have 6-8 stories done for the webcomic, but I will probably wait until I know what is going to happen with the longer projects before posting them.
The Letter M
Glad to see there were comments fairly recently. I was worried that the book of lies was over.
I think she was referring to the fact that she killed her abusive husband and then he comes back to attack her by possessing the animals. Although the last image is meant to imply that the haunting isn't over completely too.
It looks more like the husband's ghost can only control them at night. And the last thing our protagonist sees is that night time has fallen and the goat is in her room.