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The Boys in the Bank
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Last update: 4th May 2016, 7:35 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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"The Boys in the Bank" is a satire about gun violence, the media, police, entitlement.
Three morons try robbing a bank, chaos and comedy ensue.

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This was fun! and I think you've got great things ahead of you! Keep 'em coming!

So, this is it. The final page. It feels kind of underwhelming to be done with “The Boys in the Bank.” It's only 48 pages long, which is only 48 weeks of content for anyone that's been reading from the start, but its more then a year of my time, so it's weird for me to just stop writing and drawing these characters.
It's one of those things where it doesn't feel like goodbye. I feel like next week I'll be conjuring them up again and sharing them with you, but I wont be. Next week I'll actually be starting Pelton (link below) And that title will run from May 11th to August 10th (maybe longer). But no more of the Boys.
On the first page of the commented about how I was going to improve from page to page, and I clearly have. Which makes me so excited to move forward. I have untitled project for August that looks leaps and bounds better then “The Boys in the Bank.” It's actually closer to how I originally wanted this comic to look. It's exciting stuff.
Now for an explanation for this story you just read. The comic was meant to invoke movies like “Airplane!” or “Wet Hot American Summer”, while offering a bit of social commentary. I was hoping for something funny, but with a bit of weight behind it.
When I read it, I find I actually enjoy it. I cut several pages early. Nearly all of it was filler because I was worried it was oddly paced, but cutting those scenes actually optimized the flow I think. While drawing this, I was writing another project with a strict page count of 31. I really got good at killing my darlings. Let me tell you, there was this hilarious parrot bit that was so funny, trust me, it was hilarious. You would have been rolling, knee slapping, guffawing until you wet yourself! That's how good it was... I swear.
Anyway, thank you for taking the time reading it all. Or alternatively, skipping to the end. I really appreciate it. And if you liked this comic, feel free to check out my other comics:

"We are the Dead, Short Days Ago" (from 2013)

"Pelton" (just starting)
Author Note
Intense man. I can't believe he shot him either. desperate measures I guess..
This was only going to be one panel on the last page, but it was so busy already. And an important characters 'death' or apparent death should seem a little more important. So here it is.
Author Note
Lee M
Looks like a typo in panel 8. I'm assuming it should read "and a duffel bag".