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Comic profile: Brides of The Hunt
Brides of The Hunt
Get Hunted!
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Content flags: Violent ContentSexual ContentStrong LanguageNudity
Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today, 4:10 AM
Number of comics: 499
Number of subscribers: 100
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Rating: 4.99 (2454 votes)

Comic description

Legends tell the realm of Galan once encompased the whole world of Midheim under it's banner. Known simply as "The Realm", this is a powerful and vast multicultural Queendom, held together by the Faith of Gaia, this world's most widespread religion.

In order to help defend it's people from the dangers of monsters and evildoers, the adventurer culture was institutionalised in recent years. The Realm Champions are sanctioned heroes that serve the nation, completing ranked tasks known as Quests emitted by the Champion Guild.

When a mysterious outsider menace starts to threaten the very existence of this world, a small all-female and quick-rising realm champion party known as The Brides of The Hunt will become key players in this conflict's resolution.

TAGS: Fantasy, Action, RPG, Violence, Erotic, 3D, Humor, Nudity, Lesbian, Magic, Demons, Monsters, NSFW, Adult


Most recent comments left on Brides of The Hunt

Gerald Ney (Guest)
If "Halfpint" can understand them; she should know there's a good chance they'll square off against each other. In which case it would be wise to wait a minute and see.
Left on 19_04
Cocky little twit,"Lets Kill Them" Pride goeth before a fall, might want to wait for a coordinated back up before tripping on your tits. At this rate Ramo called it, Team Cannon Fodder, though in this case probably Team War Club fodder would be a better name.
Left on 19_04
Aim for the gaint's balls if you have any chance winning the battle!
Left on 19_04
Halfpint makes it sound *so* easy.

I suppose they'll only get once chance for their surprise attack, so I'm guessing they'll be using the big, explodey guns here.
Left on 19_04
More like 13... Frost giant adults are typically between 10 and 14 feet.
Left on 19_03