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Last update: 21st Sep 2019, 7:18 PM
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Legends tell the realm of Galan once encompased the whole world of Midheim under it's banner. Known simply as "The Realm", this is a powerful and vast multicultural Queendom, held together by the Faith of Gaia, this world's most widespread religion.

In order to help defend it's people from the dangers of monsters and evildoers, the adventurer culture was institutionalised in recent years. The Realm Champions are sanctioned heroes that serve the nation, completing ranked tasks known as Quests emitted by the Champion Guild.

When a mysterious outsider menace starts to threaten the very existence of this world, a small all-female and quick-rising realm champion party known as The Brides of The Hunt will become key players in this conflict's resolution.

TAGS: Fantasy, Action, RPG, Violence, Erotic, 3D, Humor, Nudity, Lesbian, Magic, Demons, Monsters, NSFW, Adult


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Thank you for your kind words. You never know, I spent way too much time building BoTH for it not to return down the line one way or another, but I don't want to give you guys false hope. I'm currently very deep in work with our VN game, which has found good reviews and relative success. Development of this project will take a very long time.

If you want to check it out, well, it has nothing to do with the world of BoTH, and it's actually an adult game, but you might find it interesting. I am very proud of it myself.

Get it here:
Pale Carnations
“Will this comic resume?”
This was one of the best comics on the 'net and I'm sorry it went on hiatus. Is there any chance of its returning? The stories, the characters, the writing,the art, the weaponry, the colors, were all superb. It would be a shame to let it wither away. The fact that its still on line is nevertheless somewhat encouraging.
Fixed it, thanks!
“Wrong verb”
I know I'm late in writing this, but it has bothered me since I first saw you use the wrong word - the past tense of 'seek' is 'sought', not 'seeked'.
Love the art and story, and can't wait for it to resume.

I hate when this happens. I fall in love with a comic, follow it closely, and suddenly it's on "hiatus". Which usually means, sorry, this comic is over.
I don't want to be an ass, as I really love your work, and I REALLY hope you come back to it soon. it's just frustrating.