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Comic profile: Bring Bionicle Back!
Bring Bionicle Back!
A stroy of how Bionicle people trying to bring Bionicle back!
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Content flags: Violent Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 19th Jun 2013
Number of comics: 6
Number of subscribers: 0
Visitors: 3066 visitors (5160 pages viewed)
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Comic description

This comic tells a tale of how Bionicle people try to bring back their beloved toy theme called simply "Bionicle". Updates on Saturdays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.


Here is a list of things I like:
-Star Wars Rebels
-Horror Movies

Things I do not like:
-Metal Music
-Pop Music
-Rap Music
-Stupid People

Most recent comments left on Bring Bionicle Back!

13th Oct 2014
Sorry for SUCH a LONG hiatus I do have my Bionicle stuff with me, unlike the rest of my LEGO, so I can hopefully update soon. Also LETS PARTY FOR BIONICLE 2015 HAPPENING! :)
Left on Meet Our Cast!
19th Jun 2013
I finally got the strip done. and here it is in all its glory. If you don't know who some ones name is read the above strip. See ya tomorrow!
Left on Meet Our Cast!
18th Jun 2013
The next comic might be delayed until tomorrow cuz my comic editor thingy is down and they are trying to fix it. Thanx for your understanding.
Left on Bring Back Bionicle #5
15th Jun 2013
This is the first strip of this comic's new storyline. I hope that this comic will be better than the old strips from the old version of this comic from last year (I deleted last year's comic for this). I like this new story better cuz it has official sets only. See ya on Tuesday!
Left on Bring Back Bionicle #5
14th Jun 2013
Sadly this was the end of the old storyline. See ya tomorrow with brand new storyline that will have official sets only. See ya!
Left on Bring Bionicle back #4