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Tales of an old Dick
Last update: 1st Jan 2020, 4:00 PM
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It's a crime drama meets gag-a-day fun. Hard boiled meets Hilarious!


Did I forget my pants?
No, I remember them fondly.

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HA! Fortune cookies, methinks. :D

After all, solved does not necessarily mean the truth was discovered, just that a plausible explanation has been accepted and catalogued.
Thanks! It's been a little tedious, But I do like the effect. Glad it didn't go unnoticed :)
Dude, I love the background action in these three latest pages.

Keep pushin'!
If it is that pattern swipe thingy then by the time they are finished casually drinking coffee they might have found the correct pattern ;)

You know what they say: Dry paint can still leave a stain.
But seriously. Where are fortune cookies on the scale from ancient wisdom to daily app sayings? :D
Word of advice youngster: if the case is solved too easily, chances are it isn't solved.