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I spent too long looking for my mouse and forgot what I was going to put here.
Last update: 26th Dec 2017, 6:42 PM
Frequent Frontal Nudity
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Uhh, Bob and Jerry are best friends. Bob is a girl, but Jerry and everyone else don't know that. Whatever will happen?

Includes non-sexual nudity, books, and lots and lots of bubble gum.


I'm sister to someone here.

She held me at gunpoint until I joined.

Have my drunk duck profile which I barely ever go on cuz I lost my touch of manga so I'll be drawing stick figures now. http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/user/lumenite88/

Just realized this is my sister: http://comicfury.com/profile.php?username=SunnySideUpSmile

Check it! It's my website, which is a WIP!

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Because it's easier than pretending to be a potato, duh.
Why is she pretending to be a boy lol
Amalockh1 drew this amazing picture of Jerry and Bob! Check out his awesome horror comic Armless Amy! :D
Author Note
I got my Christmas present from SunnySideUpSmile early, and it contains no spoilers! :D Long hair-ed Blue looks great!

She has many comics, and you can check them out on her profile.
Author Note
Joeyballast drew this as an art trade for me! Thanks so much! Blue looks amazing!

Joeyballast writes the amazing sci-fi comic Cato's Apprenticeship! Go check him and his comic out!
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