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A Magical Super Hero Comic
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Graphic Violence / Gore
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Kristina Elizabeth Griffin was once a normal girl living in Bayside California. She thought she lived a charmed life before, but once she accidentally drank a magic potion, her life truly became magical. Now under the tutelage of an ancient mage organization known as the Guardians, Kristina uses her new found powers to fight against mystical forces that would threaten us all.


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You may notice a little bit of a difference in Kristina. I changed her hair color to be a more accurate and natural blonde color rather than the yellow tinting I was using before. This will be her hair color moving forward.
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Thank you very much
The cover for the next chapter in the Crush story: Our Secret Lives. Lots of returns and debuts in this one. Our Secret Lives will act more as a series of shorter stories rather than one singular issue.

Pages are currently in the works and will be appearing soon.
Author Note
Much like Crush got an overhaul, so did her nemesis; Legion.

While here original state is nice (what I call her "Primal" state), this one is sleeker, more elegant and refined. Makes it look like she takes after her daddy.
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