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Webcomic profile: CACKLE'N COMICS
a webcomical anthology
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Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 21st Nov 2018, 5:40 PM
Number of comics: 282
Number of subscribers: 21
Visitors: 22075 visitors (82786 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (306 votes)

Webcomic description

In a World Where the Comic Book Industry take themselves way too seriously, one Company MUST make you CACkLE!

Primarily a stream of consciousness anthology that explores the Sequential Art Form in a lighthearted fashion


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30th May 2018
Momma Fish Girl, Imani, Triton, Gotheia, Seathina, Joey the cabin boy, his soon to be wife and the rest of mermaid-kind await the opening of the whirlpool vortex that will take them to that one other planet where mermaids will finally live in peace and happiness. Sam, Kevin, the Pilot and the rest of the crab looking submarine's crew stand on top of the aircraft carrier ship saying their goodbyes. Seeing all these wonderful creatures depart, they contemplate for a moment if the mermaids were really bad for what they did... Kevin points out an important observation "It's a relief that they're leaving but are we doing the right thing? I mean sure they destroyed many things and killed a lot of people, but humans were, among many other injustices to mermaidkind, destroying their home, the Seven Seas." They all stay silent and pretend not to look at the coincidentally passing by water pollution, fish suffocated by plastic and polar bears on a melting iceberg. Then, the Pilot realizes something too, he believes he left his wallet on that other planet, "I knew I should've bought one of those chain wallets" he thought. In reality though, he never took his wallet there... And lastly, Sam too has learned a valuable lesson from all of this, he erroneously believed that all mermaids were the same, all evil, but he was wrong. This whole time he was blaming the death of his brother on the entirety of mermaid-kind but in truth, it was just the fault of that one evil mermaid he killed. Now he knew better than to blame a whole species for the wrong-doing of one individual and the world was a little bit brighter because of this revelation in Sam's life. They all waved goodbye to the mermaids who were leaving to the other planet and yes even a tear fell from Sam's eye. Who would've known that in the end he would actually miss mermaids? "They taste delicious" he answers, then in a reminiscent manner shakes the hands of the pilot, Kevin and the rest of the crew. They all hug each other and cry all the while the sun sets. Goodbye mermaids, to many you may be just a Myth, but to these group of sea loving ruffians you were very real. The End.
Left on MerEnd
29th May 2018
The Supreme Ocean Nations and the newly formed Allied Mermaids United sign a new peace treaty to make it official. Mermaids would go live on that other planet never to return to Earth and mankind would be kinder to the remaining ocean creatures. Everyone was happy.
Left on New Peace Treaty
28th May 2018
"Happy Mermorial Day"

The war is over. Lets take this time to remember those who fought and died.
Left on Happy Mermorial Day
27th May 2018
" The End of the New War of the Seven Seas"
Now with all the ancient evil sea monsters out of the picture either because some of them escaped or they were captured or killed, the war continued. On the sea shores of the world, killer waves and tsunamis destroyed an average of ten miles inland, much like in the old war of the Seven Seas. This is why it was so hard to imagine why countries agreed not to engage in the war. The Evil Mermaid Empire was attacking areas all over the world, the allied mermaids unfortunately could only concentrate in the area above Atlantis. BUT word was getting out that the Supreme Ocean Nations had actually been covertly retaliating and also in communication with Sam and the Allied Mermaids all along. They concentrated all naval power on the other oceans while the Allied Mermaids fought here. The Mermaia heard of these surprise attacks and began to panic. Her plan wasn't that well thought out after all. Then a whole fleet of naval ships and submarines from the remaining Supreme Ocean Nations joined the fight here, right above Atlantis. Sam recognized a fellow seaman from the Americas and waved. Then Sam also notices something else to the distance, an evil mermaid that looks just like the evil mermaid who killed his brother. Sam aims ... and fires, kills the evil mermaid, watching it suffocate and then get eaten by a Giant Shark Monster. Sam softly whispers to himself "Justice." Seathina also joins the fight, she could not sit in the sidelines any longer, with all her knowledge and stuff, she releases a deadly spiral wave to the Mermaia pushing her away from Triton and Momma Fish Girl. When they ask her why she decided to break her sacred teacher oath of not doing anything, she said that she didn't break her oath cause she "had to teach this girl a lesson!" referring to the Mermaia of course. Merabelle sees that the odds are against her and surrenders without hesitating at all, telling everyone "okay okay you got me you guys." The Mermaia now down to her last squadron puts up an honorable fight and unlike Merabelle did not surrender at the sight of the deadly weapon. She successfully avoids being blast by the modified Perasiandies weapon and with the remaining evil mermaids jump in and out of the water, getting ready for another deadly tsunami attack. Meria goes after her, planning to spoil this attack but the Mermaia gets the upper hand and strikes her in the head with her killer fish tail attack and sadly Meria dies instantly from the blow. The Old Wise Man from Perasiandies dies too, at the hand of a bunch of evil mermaids, just when he was about to tell another one of his nonsense stories too. The crew blast many of the evil mermaids with the hydrophobic weapon, killing a lot of them. The Mermaia now was down to her last attempt and started to say something like "You fools, I am the one true blah blah blah" and then Imani does the honor of shooting her and in mere seconds the Mermaia is gone for good.
Left on The End of the New War of the Seven Seas
26th May 2018
Kevin arrived with the old wise man and the Perasiandies weapons. With this they kept the sea monsters from attacking any of the Allied Mermaids. They waited until most of the monsters were killed or subdued by the evil mermaids, leaving most of the burden on them. The Mermaia didn't believe in retreating so this allowed the allies to continue their attack once the odds got better for them. In the midst of the continued battle Joey, the cabin boy who fell in love with the mermaid in the beginning of the movie now returned with gills on his neck. Sam looked at him in amazement and asked him how this happened. The old wise man from Perasiandies starts to tells them the cautionary tale of the mermaid who was forever cursed to walk the dry lands. The cabin boy interupts him and tells everyone that what the old wise man said was actually just a misconstrued myth and what really happened was that the aforementioned mermaid was actually genetically modified with alien DNA. You see back in the good old days a bunch of mermaids were offered some 'Mermaid Medicine' as it was put, so they could become full humans for a week, the only catch was that they had to get back in the water after that week cause if they didn't they would die. The mermaid who Joey fell in love with was unbeknownst to her a descendant of a genetically modified mermaid. Her great grandmother went to that one planet where Momma Fish Girl lived and got some of that cool DNA to make her socially acceptable at the time. All the cool mermaids were doing it, you know, getting legs that would make them full humans for a week, but of course, after that week, the 'spell' would run out and those who didn't go back in the water would witness their bodies dehydrate really fast until they became a corpse. So with this, along with a few other reasons, is why this particular genetic modification was one that mermaid-kind abandoned, it was too unreliable and most mermaids forgot to get back in the water in time... And not only that, but, an evil Mad Merman called Carl, was angry at a mermaid for not being loved in return, so he modified the 'Medicine' even more, instead of being a week without water he brought it down to just a second without water and thus killed off anyone who wouldn't love him. Needless to say Carl died alone but his scientific discoveries were used for the advancement of mermaid-kind. When Joey and the mermaid guide left the crab looking submarine they went down to Merrows City, there they spoke with his love's grandmother and she explained that the 'true love's kiss' legend was kind of interpreted wrong. So without getting into too many technical details about how this alien DNA worked and all that stuff, she basically asked Joey if he wanted gills and of course he said yes (because up until that point he had been receiving air somehow from being kissed every few minutes), and they made it happen with an ancient love ritual thing. After the story, Sam and the pilot thought that maybe Joey had a good plan after all, even though he was just seeing everything through the cute lens of a fool in love. They would modify the Perasiandies sonic weapons to include this new hydrophobic chemical and it would be a great weapon to use against the evil mermaids. They got on the gathering sphere and contacted Imani and Meria, they all agreed this was a great plan. Imani told them that the allied mermaids would stop turning into battle mermaids and maintain their beautiful half human presence, so that the crew would know which ones not to harm. Then the crew quickly reengineered that 'medicine' stuff using Joey's and his mermaid girlfriend's blood, along with detailed instructions they downloaded off the Mad Science of Mermaid-kind website and put it into their weapons. Meanwhile, the battle continued and the Mermaia herself fought with a few monsters putting them down permanently but now the priority was to get back where she left off, getting Triton and Momma Fish Girl, whatever was gonna happen next, it was more than obvious that the end was near
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