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In a World Where the Comic Book Industry take themselves way too seriously, one Company MUST make you CACkLE!

Primarily a stream of consciousness anthology that explores the Sequential Art Form in a lighthearted fashion


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This is an idea I got while doing a page/exercise for the Narrative Art Class I took online taught Tom Mandrake provided by The Kubert School - btw I definitely recommend it if anyone is interested in being a Better Storyteller for Comics. Learned a lot of invaluable information.

So basically this Castle has an Observatory on Top of it, cause in this alternate universe people still live in castles.
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the unfortunate pitfalls of being an IT troubleshooter lol
Makes a change on the cleaner unplugging the mainframe to do a bit of hoovering. (surely that would never happen?!)
So I heard that April Fools Day was cancelled this year due to everything that’s going on… still feeling like Laughing a Little? Get Issue One of ’Riveting Comic Narratives’ Featuring ’Prince Virtue’ Now on Comixology just for 0.99 Cents!
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This is from an idea/comic I did from 2014
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