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Last update: 19th Feb 2020, 3:25 PM
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Snapshots of what happens in a restaurant. When it's deep within a fantasy setting dungeon.

Updates Monday and Wednesday.


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Okay, thanks for the update! Some news is better than no news, even if it's not good news!

Stay safe and keep family and friends safe, and hopefully you'll ride out the financial problems! :D Please keep us up to date if there are any new financial hurdles that would delay the comic! :D
Thanks for the offer but I have enough problems working out my tax as is.
The third in this hopeful set of three problems turned up and now a car insurance claim is eating the amount I had and I only needed $100 more.
Thanks for the thought but you need your money more than do.
How are things coming along with the computer, oven, and whatever else may have broken down? If you had a PayPal donation link I'd certainly give what I could spare, maybe roughly equivalent to $20 USD if the exchange rates aren't dead. If everybody gave a little to help Exile get things back up and running, I'm sure the comic could start up in the near future.
Not to mention there is the COVID-19 pandemic currently ongoing. I would expect you to recover eventually and in the meantime look after yourself and family and friends and don't worry about us commenters. We'll be here waiting when it finally gets around to coming back! :D Stay positive, don't test positive! :D
“Further Problems.”
Our Oven has failed and needs replacement so all Computer money has been funneled into the more important need. The hiatus has to continue for now, Sorry.