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Last update: 20th Aug 2010, 12:10 PM
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Eccentric billionaire, J.P. Milton, achieved many things in his lifetime, yet he didn't feel he'd truly left his mark on the world. So he plotted, and schemed, and plotted some more. Then he died. That's when Milton's plan sprang to life, bringing together a motley crew of complete strangers to take part in the very first ever reality television series produced from beyond the grave!


My name's Samuel Isaac Dealey. Friends call me Ike or Sam.

My mission is Laughter for a Better World!

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Sick! I love it.
“Hey Isaac”
It was cool meeing you at DWEX today. Your comic looks great. It's very impressive. We're on the road to Portland for the Portland Zine Symposium tomorrow but when we return to Austin, we'll be reading your comic. Take care.
- MC and Jen
wow like this did you use my fan art for this idle
This concludes the first chapter! Woohoo! And just in time for the Dallas Webcomics Expo on Saturday!

We've all had that experience of losing something and searching frantically for it, only to find it in the obvious place. Your glasses are on your head, your keys are in your hand, etc. ;P

This event here where a whole bunch of people completely overlook something that's totally obvious, is actually something that happens in the real world fairly often, even with intelligent, well-educated people. The thing is that concentration narrows a person's focus and they become less observant of their environment. And it doesn't take much to get people focused in the wrong place. Richard Wiseman once performed and experiment in which he asked people to count the number of pictures in a small newspaper. On the 2nd page of the paper is a sign in giant bold letters that reads STOP COUNTING AND COLLECT AN EXTRA $100 - THERE ARE 38 PICTURES and out of dozens of people in the experiment if I remember correctly he said only one person actually noticed it. ;P And that was just because he asked people to count photos.

In another experiment only about 50% of people noticed someone in a gorilla suit walking slowly through a narrow hallway where several people were playing basketball. In that case, they'd been asked to count the number of times the players passed the ball and that was enough to make him effectively invisible to half the people watching.

In this case Grant's suggestion that the contestants would find the next clue at Milton's "final resting place" got everyone focused on the ground ('cause after all, that's where his body is), and nobody thought to look up - except of course for Marty as you saw in the previous page. ;)
Author Note
Poor Fred Fisher. ;P You might notice his facial expression never changes throughout this strip - he goes through the whole page with that same look of terror. ;P

I'm hoping to finish up 2-3 more pages to complete the first chapter before the Dallas Webcomics Expo on Saturday. As of right now I'm still on schedule! Yay! Wish me luck! :D
Author Note