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Last update: 13th Dec 2017, 8:09 PM
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Catihorn is a comic about Raul Bauer, a hard-working cat who jokingly applies for a job as the prince’s assistant only to find himself roped into a mess of dangerous rulers, monstrous magic, and dealing with Prince Uni himself.


Hi! I'm Ethan Epiale, a 23 year old webcomic artist/monster enthusiast. I write a webcomic about a cat dude and a unicorn dude.

You can find some of my art, as well as my goofy rambling, over on my tumblr.

I've decided to leave this site, and probably won't be back. If you want to find any of my stuff it should come up on my tumblr or searching the name Epiale.

See you in Hell fuckers.

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Aw Epi I'm really sad to see that you've had such an awful time here. I'll keep following Catihorn on DA then! Since I stiiiill have them theories i gotta see through lol!

I hope that our friendship can be taken as one of the good memories from this place--and I hope everything works out good for you!
Sad to see you go, as well. It's completely understandable why you are leaving. With what you've said, I'm glad that I haven't had time to venture into the forums... There's been a pretty obvious tonal shift but I didn't realize that things had gotten that bad.

Will you be keeping this page up (with the link to your DA) for the foreseeable future?

Best of luck in all of your future endeavors! :)
Its sad to see you leaving but I understand the forums and the website have been very toxic the last few years. I just followed you on DA.
Hey everyone. No, this isn't a new page. In fact you can probably see there aren't ANY pages here anymore.

Long story short I'm deleting my webcomic, Catihorn, from comicfury entirely.

To add a bit for anyone wondering why I'm doing this, comicfury is a toxic cesspit of a website. It honestly wasn't always like this. When I first joined on it was a perfectly fine website, arguably the best free host out there, and I made some pretty great friends while I was here, but it's changed dramatically for the worst. A major part of the sites population is now made up by nazi sympathizers, openly violent sexist/racist/homophobic people, and generally it's become a place where it's seen as perfectly acceptable to espouse disgusting hateful views.

I don't want my work associated with that. I've screen-capped the wonderful comments I've received from readers, and I of course have all fanart saved, but I'm going to wipe all creative works of mine from cf. It really does bother me to have to do this, comicfury has one of the better site interfaces out there for free webcomic hosting, and there's a lot of history there, but it's not worth keeping up even a mirror on such an awful place.

To those of you I befriended, or who liked this work, I will be uploading everything over on my DA within the next day or so while I work on the reboot, and figure out a new hosting situation. It really does sadden me things turned out this way, but they did. Hopefully you'll be able to follow me over into bigger and better things, and even if you can't I wish you the best.
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