Chimeran Legends

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Follow the journeys of young furry, feathery, and scaley individuals as they travel through the magical fantasy Kingdoms of Chimera, facing terrifying monsters, ferocious beasts, despicable people, and their own personal conflicts.


AK Illustrate
AK Illustrate
Hello! I'm AK!

I love writing stories, and hope to make writing comics my main job someday!

That's all! Hope you have a great day!

May your spirit stay strong!

(I am a Lighting Artist at Epic Games. (views and opinions are my own.))

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Lee M
Once again the expressions and body language are priceless. Even the tail language!
Ask them?
most unrealistic part is that the borders aren't pushing right up against eachother and aren't claiming as much land as possible with their borders lol
Time to appoint a Minister of Taxes! :P
AK Illustrate
I agree! Unfortunately this chapter was made a while ago, and I hadn't taken that lesson to heart until after it was finished.
I've given myself more wiggle room since then.