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Follow the journeys of young furry, feathery, and scaley individuals as they travel through the magical fantasy Kingdoms of Chimera, facing terrifying monsters, ferocious beasts, despicable people, and their own personal conflicts.


AK Illustrate
AK Illustrate
Hello! I'm AK!

I love writing stories, and hope to make writing comics my main job someday!

That's all! Hope you have a great day!

May your spirit stay strong!

(Lighting Artist at E/pic G/ames. (views and opinions are my own.))

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AK Illustrate
Sometimes the deepest scars are the ones you can't see. And sometimes the ones who made those scars were the people who should have been kissing the wounds better.
Ah, this old beast. And the very very lasting wounds it does. I know this one all to well.

Take a sapling, twist, mold, and shape it. It bends, adjust is applies itself. As it grows, you keep shaping it. Soon enough yes, a perfect little bonsai.. That snaps at the lightest touch.

A poor life to force on anyone, but such is the nature of some folks that I know all too well.
AK Illustrate
Aw, thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it!
5 pages in and I already want to subscribe.
the children.