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Mixing some Fantasy with Modern times…
Last update: 19th Jan 2020, 3:08 PM
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Taking the mixture of Fantasy, Modern and slice of life (with a ton of details on philosophy) is what composes this work. Also the idea is not going for the heroic epic side, for this is made to work with the view of the sidelines not the "hero". You have been warned... Updates Saturday or Sunday


Not a native English speaker so I'm a bit more likely to commit a few mistakes.

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Taking a few days off. Needing some time to fix stuff here...
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New page work is taking more time than expected.
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New batch might be delayed due to life stuff. Good day.
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Assuming this is the "staff member fan" mentioned earlier, This one totally looks like the fan is on top of a giant table and Mizuiro seems really short. Of course I'm reading the panels wrong probably...
Few things have happened but still kicking... anyone got tips for deep paperwork exploring?
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