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The Claret Age
Mythology, fantasy, and history forging a universe.
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Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Strong Language
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The humans have already lost the protection of their griffins and are now left to fight for themselves in a world inhabited by horrific monsters. When a fresh Paladin receives a warning of the coming end, she embarks on a quest to enlist the aid of a grizzled berserker hoping to kill the monsters that threaten the existence of man. Explore the transitional period between the English Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment to rediscover myths and legends of ancient worlds as well as the demonic legend that tells of the end of mankind - a legend known as The Claret Age.

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Nah - it'd make a martyr out of him. Tying the bootlaces together, or something as helpfully prankish (Charlie Main, King of the Pranks?) would work well...
Should have killed him...
Author Note
Hahaha yeah I knew you'd appreciate it. There's a lot in this story for you and I hope you enjoy where I take it!
LYCANTHROPY!! (Ears perk up!) You already had me, as you know, but now I'm captive. :D
Don't worry, I'm sure this guy won't tell anyone.