Colkinom Episodes: Jonah Gordonson
Short tales from the Colkiverse
Last update: 6th Jun 2017, 9:26 AM
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A series of stand-alone comics about various characters and stuff from Colkinom, starting with some backstory for UNnified World Defence director Jonah Gordonson!


Flyer Beast
Flyer Beast
Self-tought (Over a really massive chunk of my life) comics 'artist' who was weirdly never influenced by any mainstream comics at all and just sort of... made up the style himself. Always, always working on several stories, all set in the same universe (the Colkiverse).

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Flyer Beast
And that's it, people! End of this short episode. Stick around for more, interesting, stories though...
Author Note
cool rhiannon
1. thats fucked up 2. i realised how jonah's rationalisation as to how she couldnt fit is that she has 'too much bling' instead of that she's large, because blingwise her capelet and chains and crown wouldn't stop her, but her Broad Frame would. it's like jonah's trying to reframe it so that her goldiness is her downfall, and that it's her fault. 3. thatss kinda fucked up
Flyer Beast
Thanks! It's drawn on paper, scanned, then coloured on photoshop (I'm still getting the hang of drawing tablets), time consuming but I like the look!
Nicely done! Is this hand-drawn or digitally made?
Either way, cool!
cool rhiannon
cai can i tell you something ???? i love goldmastah she's a tragic antivillain and i love her