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Comic profile: Company Man Comic
Company Man Comic
A Webcomic that's much funnier than your last team meeting!
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Comic language: English
Genre: Gag-a-day
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today
Number of comics: 959
Number of subscribers: 35
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Comic description

Company Man is about the lives of the employees of the F.R.J. Media Group and the celebrities they represent. The antics at the office are silly but it makes you laugh. It's much funnier than your last team meeting!


Well, let's see...I'm just a laid back, nice guy (That doesn't mean doormat!) in Phoenix just trying not to spontaeneously combust in the scorching heat of the summers here! You can find my archives on Facebook (look, just GET a damn Facebook page!)at CMC Archives! & CMC Archives II: Electric Boogaloo!. I'm originally from Saint Louis, MO so my favorite Baseball team in the whole world are my St. Louis Cardinals! I love to laugh and make others laugh. I'm also a Cartoonist. It's updated Mon.-Fri. so check it everyday!

Most recent comments left on Company Man Comic

26th Jul 2017
Look up what a Scaramouche is, from bohemian rhapsody.
Left on He's a #Clown #Pokemon. 7/26/17
19th Jul 2017
He REALLY has a flip-phone, STILL!
Left on Meet Walker. 7/19/17
11th Jul 2017
No worries, I'm still a trump hater. There's no bromance at all! That dickhead and his supporters have no idea when they're being made fun of!
Left on #RESIST!!! 7/10/17
10th Jul 2017
Please quit the bromance with the Orange Oranagtang Ogre. Tell it like it is it's crazier than a sociopathic Joseph Stalin with a Lucifer immorality complex with megalomaniac tendencies and a Benidict Arnold worship.
Left on #RESIST!!! 7/10/17
23rd Jun 2017
She's on Modern Family. Geez, watch TV!
Left on Let it marinate. 6/23/17