Concerning Justice
The Heroic Tale of A Misfit Villain
Last update: 14th Sep 2017, 4:14 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore
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Flavy Fitzwilliam, part time supervillain, delves deep into the war between good an evil in his quest to defeat the invincible Credoman.


Yet another man who dreams of using his creative talents to better the world.

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Apologies for deleting pages 264 and 265. Perhaps I'll replace these pages later.
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Sorry he hasn't gotten back to you yet! The creator of this comic (and my best friend) has been swamped in school work, actual work, and more ambitious creative projects. I'm not sure when he's returning to this side project of his, but in all honesty he barely has the time to work on his passion projects nowadays that'll ideally pull in a pretty penny down the road and further free up his time for more creative work as he establishes a steady income.

...In other words, he had a shit ton of downtime to work on this free webcomic as a teen, but heading into his twenties priorities have shifted. Although our social media presence is admitably currently quite weak, feel free to check out sneak peeks of his latest projects with our up and coming amerimanga studio, Revolution Comix.
Hey Braden, it has been a while since your last page. Are you in a hiatus?