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Last update: 21st Mar 2017, 7:07 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore
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A brilliant flash of light, and a strange world appears. Living, sentient creatures awake in this world and begin to interact with each other. Mysteriously, these creatures seem to have language and some innate knowledge about themselves and the world, but they are nonetheless curious and naive about many things. As this new world unfolds, more will surely be uncovered about the nature of things and the "Cosmic Cascade".


Creator from Australia.

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It was intriguing and lovely. Do more when you can :) x
You're not allowed to leave this story. Finish this!
can't wait for more!
Loving to get to know the groups. Team Lizo doesn't seem so bad in contrast with Borbas' Dominion. It may be in name only, but a Team sounds more democratic and far less cannibalistic o.o
My brother wondered what Aagi and Bhen were up to, so I made this page.

They're collecting fruit for the evening's party. Meanwhile, Omeki and Kigi are about to face off against their boss, Lord Borbas! Hopefully I will have the exciting showdown ready soon, but I want to release the whole thing at once (several pages), so it could take a while.
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