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Crack Putty is the strong, amorphous, stretchy and very versatile substance that fills the gaps between my major webcomic projects. It's kind of like Fatal Expression if it was better.


It's just Hindbodes, the guy who makes some comics when he feels like it.
Or when he feels guilty for not making them.
Fatal Expression is now the ancient past.
Crack Putty is the only thing that matters.

You live for the ants! The ant comics are all that matter!

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Oh you're so gracious.
You are laughing but I found this interloper when I was building my wardrobe. Seemed to have been shipped with the boards that arrived. I checked but thankfully these guys are not wood damaging menace!

Having some sort of rule like that is a good plan. Like one or two days dedicated to something else just to change it up a bit from what you usually want to work on.
Since it is a very iterative process, you can always use what you already did. I also would keep lua stuff even if you switch to the 3D C++ game. Not that you would delete it but it might prove helpful. Lua scripts are often used for AI or game events or scripting behavior in general.
Getting a 3D game done from the ground up is a huge undertaking BUT even if you get something basic done, you have enough under-the-hood understanding of the base stuff open engines do for you automatically so at that point, should you wish, you can switch to Unity or whatever.

From the 3D graphics side of things:
- you have the book(s)
- the one basic OpenGL/3D graphics tutorial I sent you once
And there is also this one I think I have not sent yet:
I also have not read the whole thing yet but I think their parts on linear algebra and vector calculus are a bit more descriptive.

As always, one step at a time. Nobody is expecting you to open one of the resources right now and start getting it chapter by chapter, snapping your finger each time. It is just a helpful subset of all the stuff that is available somewhere in some form or another.
Good luck!
It looks like I'm way off my game with amusing faces in comics lately. First the pince bug, now these ants.

I don't know how to make parts of this author note speech transition well, so I'll just say what I'm thinking of. I'm going to put aside all work on Lives of Mining until my current game Bridge of Fate is done. (It's pictured in the comic above.) I will still upload the occasional Filler Putty like I've been doing, but something about feeling like I needed to make progress on Lives of Mining while game development was a full-time front-and-center project was hurting me, and it felt pretty bad today when I returned to the outline RTF of Lives of Mining and the 1-20 scripts RTF of Lives of Mining and realized how much I'd have to read. I think the problem is that I'm putting a lot of energy into one thing on a regulated time-interval basis, and then there's comic planning that can only cut into that schedule. I think I need Lives of Mining to be the only main thing to work on so that when I get out of bed on a day, I either relax, or feel the randomly-designated drive to spend 3 hours looking at comic plans - and have no other factors. If Lives of Mining is the only priority I have at a time, it won't be as scary or harrowing. But right now I've got Bridge of Fate, too. And Bridge of Fate is a very high priority, one that I can go very few days without furthering.

I want Bridge of Fate to be finished before the end of the year so that I can say 2020 had a new Hindbodes game in it, and I kind of want to do better than last year, in which I only released one new game. I've got a super-easy game idea to make that can stand in as a trump card (man it's not easy to use that idiom anymore) to ensure that I get two games done before the end of 2020. Seeing as once Lives of Mining has had its first chapter run I am kind of obligated to return to posting ≥1 proper comic page on Crack Putty every week, it would be sensible to completely stabilize game development first. Funnily enough, I don't think I've ever had to balance knowledgeable game development with webcomic work before, and I'd rather not get into a tangled scenario of that through bad preparation.

I don't feel very good about the phrasing in this post. I tried as hard as I could to explain what I was thinking but I feel almost certain that future Edward is going to have a headache when he eventually comes back and sees relevant information missing or a simple expression attempted in writing but screwed up somehow. To be frank, I don't actually feel very well right now at all, but that's probably just an endemic part of today. July 7th.
Author Note
Oh my god, ComicFury didn't notify me about this. I wonder what else they're hiding.

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