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Dark Tale of Farya
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Graphic Violence / Gore
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The forest planet "Farya" has always known peace between it's five northern territories until cracks in the ground begin to surface and creatures begin roaming the land. These creatures are soon labeled as monsters or demons because of their hunger for human flesh. With the lands growing more and more dangerous over the years, people live in fear. But there are rumors of a man who travels the lands, unafraid and full of rage as he hunts the monsters. And strangely enough it is said a monster travels with him. The dark tale of Farya...


Jason Moon
Jason Moon
I like reading comics and getting to know new people.

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Eeve with the dark comedy haha. Got to love it.

Woah those kids are totally under her control D: . I imagine a shining twins vibe !
Women. They are always stealing your heart....
Jason Moon
Could be the end?
Jason Moon
Thanks :)
Impressive lineart, bold pose!