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A slice of life/fantasy about a small group of characters living on a mysterious island that casually houses magic, monsters and most importantly, good food! Follow these islanders in their interconnected short stories while discovering more and more about this strange land.


Howdy, I'm dyohna. I have a dream of making comics for a living. I'll do my best to tell stories that are relatable and fun with my small army of characters.

I also watch a lot of cartoons and anime and play too much animal crossing.

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Hahaha! XD That would have been a real game changer!
When you last posted, you mentioned updating your art style and I was like HOLY SMOKES what a change!
Then I realized this is a fan comic!
Hm...mysterious person in the hat is mysterious! >.>
What secrets lie beneath those big hats...
I would even say that Autumn and Harvest are looking ominous...