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Expect the unexpected!
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The large and small adventures of the employees in a very special department of the local university - the Department of Cryptozoology!


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And thus, we get to here.

What happens to the Butterfly Ruby in our present day will eventually be revealed, but not in the immediately next chapter.
(This will possibly rather be in three chapters from now.)

Next up, as always, the epilogue...
Author Note
It's very well suited for hitting people with it! :-D

(Or, as you would say: To be determined. Perhaps it is just a normal cane. Or perhaps someday I'll come up with something really good instead...)
Ha ha ha a thief to the end! I wonder what secrets the cane will reveal?
Seems like Antoine did swipe a few material souvenirs from this adventure after all!
And ten points to whoever can tell me what tune he's whistling in the last panel... ;-)

Also, that's Emerald's lovely assistant Jade Doyle communicating with him over his time travel device.
Author Note
Yes! Another good observation!!

But there's no "either ... or".
Both are pieces of the same puzzle! ;-)