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The large and small adventures of the employees in a very special department of the local university - the Department of Cryptozoology!


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Or both! The hug of mass destruction!
After all the effort they put into fetching it from the orbit...
Also, Alexandra wants to touch the thing and take it apart, damnit!

That being said, she probably could actually build a rocket or something...
With the proper resources, that is.
Guess who could give her that resources...
Zero Hour
the condition is a hug or a weapon of mass destruction
Alexandra is "dissecting" a Maerc MARSEC Vacu-Drone 3000.
It also as a "big brother" for military applications, the M1233 Streetsweeper.
And that's exactly what she's talking about: She can buy the former in any store, but getting her hands on the latter would be considerably more difficult!

And the background: A gutted Tiny doll.
(Which, as we already know, is likewise chock-full of tech.)

As for Lt. Nyegere:
Her prey has swallowed the bait, so now she prepares to reel her in...
Author Note
"This does not include the means to get it into orbit, though, you're on your own there"