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Comic profile: Cryptida Fan Art
Cryptida Fan Art
Fan Art For And From Cryptida!
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Comic language: English
Genre: Other
Activity status: Active
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Last update: One week ago
Number of comics: 22
Number of subscribers: 1
Visitors: 548 visitors (1804 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (6 votes)

Comic description

Here you can see fan art made for Cryptida, as well as fan art made by me for other comics!

This will in the future be updated with more old fan art and of course also the newest pieces.

If you did fan art for me once that doesn't appear here yet, tell me and I'll upload it.
(Also, I have to admit that I have some fan art on my hard drive of which I don't know anymore who the artist was...)

Also, you can of course tell me if you would prefer to not see your art here!


Most recent comments left on Cryptida Fan Art

Fabian W.
9th Aug 2017
Fabian W.
Arrrr, Captain Camilla on deck; by ProfEtheric!
Left on Just A Certain Pirate Queen (by ProfEtheric)
Fabian W.
4th Aug 2017
Fabian W.
A neat picture of the ancient evil entity Anutrofho towering over Captain Camilla's pirate ship (essentially this scene from a different angle), by Chippewa Ghost!
Left on Anutrofho (by Chippewa Ghost)
Fabian W.
4th Aug 2017
Fabian W.
This fan comic is a short extrapolation of what might have happened immediately after this page of Bleach Blonde Valkyries of the Fourth Reich. (Featuring Tona Zehm, Sam Christianos and Felicia Kingsley, the latter originally being an Autumn Bay character.)

Apparently, Tona did not only leave behind a more recent photo of herself for Felicia's cork board, but also that nasty car battery. Now, is this meant as a warning or reminder of what she could do to Felicia - or is this not meant to be symbolic at all, and Tona simply had enough of carrying around that heavy thing, after not needing it anymore??
Left on Car Battery (for Valkyries)
Fabian W.
18th Jul 2017
Fabian W.
ProfEtheric drew this super awesome picture of Kanny Bougainville. (Who is, in his words "the best cryptolinguist in webcomics" - I take that as a compliment, even though there probably is not that much competition in this particular category! :-D)
Left on Kanny Bougainville (by ProfEtheric)
Fabian W.
14th Jul 2017
Fabian W.
Teaming up for an Indiana Jones style treasure hunt, the three villainous vixens Ardrienne Renelsoir (from Alvery Nerveaux's Secret Case Files), Tona Zehm (from Bleach Blonde Valkyries of the Fourth Reich) and Dr. Alexandra Ytterbium (from my own comic) have just discovered a powerful ancient artifact, the Gauntlet of Midas!
Tona observes how Ardrienne and Ytterbium are improvising a little victory dance while singing a little song from an old Disney short about the famed King Midas.
Left on The Gauntlet of Midas