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Here you can see fan art made for Cryptida, as well as fan art made by me for other comics!

This will in the future be updated with more old fan art and of course also the newest pieces.

If you did fan art for me once that doesn't appear here yet, tell me and I'll upload it.
(Also, I have to admit that I have some fan art on my hard drive of which I don't know anymore who the artist was...)

Also, you can of course tell me if you would prefer to not see your art here!


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Ariane Eldar
I guess Kanny will still call him Ciderman if Peter boasts too much about his theater expierence.
@ Ariane
That's quite a large speaker too - amongst a plethora of vintage electronics! :-)
But Peter never played a Viki- oh, you mean the barrel!

I totally forgot that I put it there until you pointed it out! :-)
@ lirvilas
Is Emily even capable of growling??
Her attempt to do so may play out really similar to Will's!
Now I notice that Peter's first costume is in the first panel. He sure made a career since then.