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Steven and the Crystal GMs
Steven Universe run as a DnD campaign
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Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday
Number of comics: 454
Number of subscribers: 31
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Rating: 4.43 (199 votes)

Comic description

Inspired by the likes of Darths & Droids, One Piece 3.5, and many more which have come before it, it is a campaign webcomic. This one following the adventures of a group of players in a homebrew campaign following the story of young Steven and the millenia old crystal gems who protect the world from monsters...who are a group of players sitting around a table throwing dice at each other.


Most recent comments left on Steven and the Crystal GMs

Xaran Alamas (Guest)
24th Jun 2017
Oh well played, well played indeed :D
Left on Wild Tiger's Number One Fan
23rd Jun 2017
It will end next week with a flash forward so we can get back on track.
Left on Wild Tiger's Number One Fan
Needling Haystacks (Guest)
23rd Jun 2017
This reference does work quite well...

I may have missed it but how long is this arc gonna be?
Left on Wild Tiger's Number One Fan
CrowMagnon (Guest)
23rd Jun 2017
So, is Phoebe telling Jake that she should have Kotetsu fuse with Barnaby?

Pretty sure DMs shouldn't be shipping. XD
Left on Wild Tiger's Number One Fan
Dreok Crushedthroat (Guest)
23rd Jun 2017
I only just realized the title was 'King of Heroes'. For some reason, my brain was translating it as something else.

Gilgamesh is gonna be pissed....
Left on Wild Tiger's Number One Fan