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Steven and the Crystal GMs
Steven Universe run as a DnD campaign
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Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday, 3:00 PM
Number of comics: 666
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Rating: 4.47 (220 votes)

Comic description

Inspired by the likes of Darths & Droids, One Piece 3.5, and many more which have come before it, it is a campaign webcomic. This one following the adventures of a group of players in a homebrew campaign following the story of young Steven and the millenia old crystal gems who protect the world from monsters...who are a group of players sitting around a table throwing dice at each other.


Most recent comments left on Steven and the Crystal GMs

Take a level in George Michael.
Left on Vaguely Inappropriate Quip
Phantomdemon2 (Guest)
"I got It!"
Ok, something's been bugging me about finn's shield all day. Finally figured it out.

His class/abilities are anti-berserker abilities. Or rather, he's an inverted Berserker.

Rather then Deal Damage, he reflects it. He heals instead of harms.

I'd say he's a cleric, but he has no faith, and even Clerics do some damage with their Holy Weapons.
Left on Vaguely Inappropriate Quip
Needling Haystacks
Oh THAT was the vaguely inappropriate quip. I was trying to make something said in the panel before the lampshade work as such.
Left on Vaguely Inappropriate Quip
Phantomdemon2 (Guest)
When's Finn going to learn that any game can be broken with the right combination of choices/skill.
Left on Vaguely Inappropriate Quip
...I really just wanted to have Finn say Eat Rose Quartz like some snappy quip but soon as I put it down I realized how inappropriate it might I went with it for a less than great joke.

See you Tuesday.
Left on Vaguely Inappropriate Quip