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Steven and the Crystal GMs
Steven Universe run as a DnD campaign
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Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Number of comics: 389
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Comic description

Inspired by the likes of Darths & Droids, One Piece 3.5, and many more which have come before it, it is a campaign webcomic. This one following the adventures of a group of players in a homebrew campaign following the story of young Steven and the millenia old crystal gems who protect the world from monsters...who are a group of players sitting around a table throwing dice at each other.


Most recent comments left on Steven and the Crystal GMs

Hiandromon (Guest)
25th Apr 2017
Tiger and Bunny sounds fun. They could even make characters and swap them for funsies.
Simon could end up playing Tiger.
Betty could be Blue Rose.
Bonnie could be Bunny.
The Tiger and Bunny dynamic between these two could be fun.
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ChaosStar0 (Guest)
24th Apr 2017
^Every. I hate how there doesn't seem to be an edit function for when I make a spelling mistake.
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ChaosStar0 (Guest)
24th Apr 2017
I know, I've seen ever episode of Megas. The main point is that the destruction was non-intended collateral damage. Coop never set out to destroy the city in his fights to save the city, it just ended up happening. Plus it's Jersey, who cares.
Left on What To Do...
24th Apr 2017
You definitely need to see the final episodes then, as [Spoiler Alert]They presented an awesomely villainous Coop and had him and our Coop go toe to robotic toe. And to be fair Coop usually did more devastation than any of the real bad guys.
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Cyborg7221 (Guest)
24th Apr 2017
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