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Comic profile: D&D Aangvanced
D&D Aangvanced
A D&D Campaign Comic
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Content flags: Strong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Other
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Number of comics: 892
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Comic description

Long ago, the players rolled in harmony. Then everything changed when the new DM started a homebrewed campaign.


Most recent comments left on D&D Aangvanced

23rd Aug 2017
I also reference It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia pretty often.
Left on Climb Checks Build Character
23rd Aug 2017
I think like two people got this reference when I posted it. You guys get it, right? Right...?
Left on Another Reference You Won’t Get
22nd Aug 2017
Aspergers, PDD-NOS, Autism, and Hyperlexia are all symptoms under the same umbrella. I don't want to sound like I'm talking about real issues in a silly webcomic but Rube's disorder isn't supposed to be a punchline at all. I could go on, but just read up on it if you have any questions. The books in the library Rick cited were good resources.
Left on Heal Check 35 To Diagnose
22nd Aug 2017
yo go re (Guest)
22nd Aug 2017
The reveal of Vader's identity in Darths & Droids...
Left on Bloodbending Is A Pathway To Many Abilities Some Consider to Be Unnatural