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Webcomic profile: D&D Aangvanced
D&D Aangvanced
A D&D Campaign Comic
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Content flags: Strong Language
Language: English
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Last update: 13 days ago, 2:23 AM
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Webcomic description

Long ago, the players rolled in harmony. Then everything changed when the new DM started a homebrewed campaign.


Most recent comments left on D&D Aangvanced

13 days ago
Believe me, if I could do a Tom vs Wallace sidestory, I would.
Left on Through Simon’s Eyes
3rd Jun 2019
Poor restless Tom. But poor Janine moreso. Just hiding in the background watching this guy go crazy and being like "I should stay away from that guy."

And then ends up stuck dealing with him for the rest of her life.
Left on Tom’s Outburst
2nd Jun 2019
I always love the trope of a regular strength hero surrounded by impossibly powerful others who don't really notice them. It's pretty much why I love Spider-Man so much. You've got a god, a billionaire using perfect technology to make himself a paragon, professionals, mutants, and everything in the world at war. And then there's the kid from Queens just trying to stay alive and keep his friends safe. That's not what I do with Simon here. Simon just wants to bail. But it's what this title means to me.

Then again, you have a quasi origin story for Luke here, when he's not yet the player he will become. The d-Infinity is definitely based on the idea that I would use to explain Gear Third.
Left on An Ant In A Hurricane
30th May 2019
And then I wanted to ground the power levels of players. Everyone might be bad at the game or a C lister. Some are talented, like Mackenzie or other power gamers. Then there are those with unnatural ability or luck, like Shelby and Sam Torres. These are people at the height of their game. They play as well as possible.

So above that I wanted something impossibly unbeatable. Something that no one should be able to do, and I didn't want to explain it. That's how Micah's unnatural luck manifests. He doesn't do anything, he just wins. So for Shelby and Tom to stand their ground against it in the least is supposed to be a big deal.
Left on The World’s Most Powerful Player
29th May 2019
So here you have the top two players and what the game means to either one. One, Tom, is a blood knight. The game means everything to him and he works hard to be the best. He tests his skill and looks for challenges. He wants to prove himself. When he later is at the top of his craft, he's bored and it makes him anxious to know that he'll never have a real fight.

On the other end, you have Micah, who doesn't really notice the game. He sees it as another way to interact with friends and he's not even trying. He's good at everything and D&D is just another Easy A. Although he's depicted as Deku, he's more along the lines of Vash the Stampede or Goku during the pre-Piccolo Daimao era. Everything should be boring to someone with his ability, but instead he finds everything fascinating and gets into everything and asks questions as he goes through it. But since he treats everything that way, he doesn't prefer roleplaying and would be as likely to play D&D as he would take baking classes. (And instantly be making multitiered cakes and pissing off the people who have struggled their whole lives. It was also a deliberate choice to always make him friendly. No matter what, Micah would be enthusiastic and cheering on his enemies. (So if you ever use him, just follow that.)
Left on The Mercy Rule